Shrimps Disease Diagnostics Market to Expand with Significant CAGR During 2019-2029

Shrimps Production are increasing on the global level especially in Asia Pacific countries such as India and China. Shrimp farming is gaining popularity for production of shrimp for human consumption. Bacterial and viral infections are a major threat to the shrimp production industry in various countries. Shrimp production in many countries continues to face economic losses due to different diseases. Disease problems in shrimp production are poorly understood and diagnosed.

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Various shrimps diseases such as white spot diseases highly affect shrimp production and continue to pose a serious challenge. Diagnosis of that disease is very important. There is no therapeutic option available for viral diseases and the only option available to detect and avoid the pathogen entry into culture systems. DNA based diagnostic tool such as PCR used to test. Diagnosis tools and technologies are gaining demand for the quick and effective diagnosis of shrimp diseases for management of disease outbreaks. Assay based kits and rapid test kits are available for the shrimp’s disease diagnostic market.

Shrimps Disease Diagnostics Market: Drivers and Restraints-

Growing demand for shrimps for human consumption and nutrient purpose is the major favor expected to boost up the growth of shrimps disease diagnostics market Rising demand for the freshwater and marine shrimp farming is the major driving factor of the shrimps disease diagnostics market. Increasing global production of the shrimp propels the growth of the shrimps disease diagnostic market. Technological advancement in the field of aquaculture disease diagnosis drives the growth of the shrimps disease diagnostic market.

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Shrimps Disease Diagnostics Market: Overview

Viruses such as white spot syndrome virus, Taura syndrome virus, yellow head/gill-associated virus, infectious myonecrosis virus, mourilyan virus, necrotising hepatopancreatitis bacteria, infectious hypodermal and hematopoietic virus are the major cause of shrimp diseases. Based on reagent kits shrimps disease diagnostics market is segmented into assay based kits and rapid testing kits  Based on end-user shrimps disease diagnostics market is segmented into fisheries, aquaculture laboratories, marine laboratories, education and research institutes, and others. Aquaculture laboratories expected to contributes prominent revenue share in the shrimps disease diagnostics market.

Shrimps Disease Diagnostics Market: Region-wise Outlook

Asia Pacific expected to dominated the shrimps disease diagnostics market as high production rate in China and India. About 30% of farmed shrimp is produced in Asia, particularly in China and Indonesia. Shrimps disease diagnostics market expected to represent prominent growth in the countries such as United States, Japan and Western Europe. Growing consumption of shrimps in the food and strict regulatory policies regarding food safety in the countries such as U.S. and Japan expected to boost up the growth of the shrimps disease diagnostics market.

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Shrimps Disease Diagnostics Market: Key Market Participants

Example of certain market players participants in global shrimps disease diagnostics market find across the value chain are HiMedia Laboratories, Speedy Assay Sdn Bhd, REAGEN LLC, FUJIKURA KASEI CO., LTD., GeneReach Biotechnology Corp., Thermo Fisher Scientific, Lab – Ind Resource Sdn Bhd., AquaBounty Technologies, Inc., GeneReach Biotechnology Corp., pop bio, SUREBIO, Auro Biotechnologies and others.


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