Asia Pacific Gasoline Injection Technologies Market research Will Reflect Significant Growth Prospects during 2014 – 2020

The global market for gasoline injection technologies is attaining considerable growth owing to increasing emphasis on fuel-efficient automotive vehicles. The global automotive industry is focusing on developing vehicles that offer comfort and safety, without compromising on fuel efficiency.

Gasoline injection technologies have witnessed steady development — from the simple carburettor injection mechanism to the advanced multi-point fuel injection (MPFI) and gasoline direct injection (GDI). Developments in fuel injection technologies are catalysing the growth of gasoline injection technologies market in several key regions, especially in Asia Pacific (APAC), where GDI technology is witnessing steady adoption.

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According to Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d’Automobiles (OICA), APAC countries such as China, India, South Korea, and Japan lead in the number of vehicle production. At present, the gasoline injection technologies market in Asia is booming, owing to strong demand from China’s automotive sector (24 Mn vehicles manufactured in 2015). As a result, the rising per capita income of the region’s extensive consumer base has created a favourable environment for the growth of Asia Pacific gasoline injection technologies market.

APAC Gasoline Injection Technology Market: Growth Factors

China, the largest APAC market, and India are witnessing a gradual stringentness in automotive emission policies and standards. Concerns about rising pollution levels in China are creating opportunities for incorporation of GDI technology in the manufacturing process.

Key Restraints

High cost, operational complexity, and the need for using strong materials resilient to high pressure and temperature are some of the common drawbacks of GDI technologies. In critically polluted APAC regions like China, the adoption of GDI could be lowered, owing to scientific findings that claim emission of black carbon particulates. However, the research’s uncertainty and complicated nature haven’t yet had a major impact on China’s market for GDI technologies.

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Key Companies

Long after introducing the first direct injection system in the 50s, Robert Bosch GmbH continues to be a leading company in global gasoline injection technologies market, as well as in the APAC market. Mitsubishi Electric Auto Parts (China), Bajaj Auto (India) and Delphi Automotive LLP (China) are other leading companies in the APAC gasoline injection technologies market.

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