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Chemical Analyzer is used to measure, characterize and quantify the chemical components in gas, Liquid, and solid samples. There are various areas such as environmental and material analysis, forensics, clinical chemistry, bio analysis and nanotechnology in which Chemical analyzers are used to detect, analyze and measure the chemical proportion in various materials. Numerous applications and a variety of chemical analyzers are boosting the demand in the market.

Developments in the chemical and nanotechnology landscape over the years are the prime factors that help to grow the market for Chemical Analyzer. Various testing processes such as atomic absorption, atomic emission, X-ray, Raman, and spectroscopy is very vital and it should be done by high accuracy. Furthermore, the demand for Chemical Analyzer is increasing over the years due to the modification of existing technology and adoption of new technology. Fields such as Defense, research laboratories have high adoption for chemical analyzers and are expected to witness a significant growth over the forecast period.

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Industries such as fertilizers, agriculture, and plastic have shown considerable growth in recent times in terms of innovation. High adoption of chemical analyzers in highly regulated industries is boosting the demand of chemical analyzers. Adequate availability of Chemical Analyzer such as process analyzer, chromatography systems, calorimeters, and chemical cleaning systems in the market help to grow the demand for Chemical Analyzer. Variety of chemical analyzers such as semi-automatic, fully automatic and benchtop chemical analyzers accelerating the adoption rate for chemical analyzers in the market.

Chemical Analyzer market: Drivers and Restraints

Chemical analyzers gaining traction in agriculture and defense industry

Different types of fertilizers need to checked and certified by authorities before entering into the market. Measuring chemical proportion in various fertilizers with the help of Chemical Analyzer plays a vital role in the market. Excessive demand for fertilizers across the globe is ultimately boosting the demand for Chemical Analyzers. Demand for hazardous chemical detection has increased in the last couple of years owing to increase in terrorist attacks and threats across the globe. Various defense organizations have been rapidly adopting chemical analyzers to detect hazardous chemicals and is also useful to test chemical proportions while manufacturing chemical weapons. High growth in various sectors such as petroleum, pesticides, and petrochemicals is expected to support chemical analyzer market during the forecast period. Increasing use of chemical analyzers in forensics lab is one of the factor that help to grow the market for chemical analyzers.

On the other hand, high prices of chemical analyzers are acting as a barrier for the growth of chemical analyzer market. The increasing use of environmental friendly materials such as bio fertilizers, recycled card board and ecofriendly plastic and recycled plastics is hampering the market of Chemical Analyzers.

Chemical Analyzer Market: Segmentation

On the basis of equipment type, Chemical Analyzer market segmented into:

  • Portable Chemical Analyzers
  • Hand-Held Chemical Analzyers
  • Benchtop Chemical analyzers

On the basis of End Use industry, Chemical Analyzer market segmented into:

  • Chemicals
  • Agriculture
  • Polymer
  • Others

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Chemical Analyzer Market: Competition Landscape

The main key players in Chemical Analyzers market are Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc, Lucideon Limited, Intertek Group plc, SGS SA, Spectro Analitical Lab Ltd and Bruker Corporation.

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