Contouring Implants Market research Registering a Strong Growth by 2018 – 2028

Body Contouring refers to the medical-surgical procedure that alternates the shape of parts of the body via the removal of fat or skin. Body contouring implants procedures includes reshaping and resizing certain areas so the persons overall appearance is more balanced and in proportion. Body contouring implants are foreign materials that is made and molded prior to the person’s surgery and then inserted into the appropriate site. The body contouring implant are inserted in to the patient’s body so as to change the external appearance of the body part, like toning areas like upper arms, chest, thighs and face and improving the appearance of skin. Body contouring procedures usually include changing the figure by using liposuction, tissue removal techniques and implanting grafts or implants.

Nowadays, maintaining the body shape and structure is given utmost importance which is major reason people opt for body contouring implant procedures. The body contouring implants helps to enhance the physical appearance, helps in maintaining skin integrity and helps in maintaining skin elasticity. Body contouring implants are also used in severe medical surgery like bariatric surgery, for sagging body fat and panniculectomy surgery. Cosmetic implant procedures are also popular among females all around the world.  According to the Plastic Surgery Statistics report published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons 17.5 million cosmetic procedures were performed all over the world in the year 2017. The body contouring procedures are increased by 2% from 2016 to 2017 as per American society of plastic surgeons. Body contouring implants are used in many applications like facial contouring procedures like rhinoplasty, mandible & maxilla surgery, chin augmentation procedures, as well as other applications are breast lift, brow lift, liposuction, tummy truck procedures etc.

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Body contouring implants Market: Drivers and Restraints

Advancements in the field of aesthetics are fueling the growth of body contouring implants market. Modern minimally invasive body contouring implants and new improved surgical methods are considered to be the primary factor driving the body contouring implants market. The growing social media and internet influence is also a key factor for the higher adoption rate of the body contouring procedures which is projected to drive the growth of body contouring implants market during the forecast period. Body contouring procedures are of great help for the people those who are unresponsive to weight loss and suffering from obesity, so increasing obesity is a worldwide concern and people are opting the body contouring implants procedures on a greater extant to overcome this problem.  However, the high procedural costs of body contouring surgeries could hamper the body contouring implants market. The reimbursement policies of body contouring procure does not include the cost of implantable products that are used in the process which is one of the reasons hampering the global body contouring implants market.

Body contouring implants Market: Segmentation

Global body contouring implants market can be segmented on the basis of material type, product type, end user and geography

Based on the material type, Body contouring implants Market is segmented as:

  • Silicone Gluteal body contouring implants
  • Pectoral body contouring implants
  • Gore-tex body contouring implants
  • Med- Por body contouring implants

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Based on application, Body contouring implants Market is segmented as:

  • Facial contouring Rhinoplasty Maxilla & mandibular surgery Chin augmentation
  • Breast enlargement surgery
  • Tummy tuck procedures
  • Testicular surgery
  • Others

Based on product type, Body contouring implants Market is segmented as:

  • Custom-made body contouring implants
  • Ready-made body contouring implants

Based on the end user, Body contouring implants Market is segmented as:

  • Hospital
  • Trauma Center
  • Ambulatory surgical centers
  • Specialty Clinics

Body contouring implants Market: Overview

By implant material type, the Gore-tex implant material is new material used in implants it is made up of poly-tetrafluoroethylene, which gives it the spongy texture that makes it more comfortable after implanting. In product type, the custom made body contouring implants are more dominant because of patient’s preferences. By application, the breast enlargement surgery is expected to generate maximum revenue as the number of breast implant surgeries are increasing due to medical tourism across the world. Among the end user, the hospitals are projected to be the fastest growing market from 2018 to 2028.

Body contouring implants Market: Regional Outlook

North America is the most lucrative Body contouring implants Market as the population in this region is conscious about their looks this increases the patient adoption as well. Europe is expected to account for the second largest market share in terms of revenue primarily due to higher spending on healthcare facilities and growing medical tourism in the region. MEA body contouring implants market is expected to witness steady growth over other regions because of less healthcare expenditure. Asia-Pacific is an emerging body contouring implants market and is lucrative owing to the emerging economies and rising awareness of body contouring implants and facial contouring procedures.

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Body contouring implants Market: Key Players

Some of the global key participants operating in Body contouring implants Market are: ALPHA-HEALTH (ASIA) PTE Ltd., Stryker, Allergan Inc., GC Aesthetics, DePuy Synthes, hansbiomed (Thailand) co. ltd, Mentor Worldwide LLC (Johnson & Johnson), Sientra Inc., Silimed, Osteotec Ltd. and others.

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