Disintegration Analyzers Market Opportunity Assessment, Global Analysis and Forecast Report To 2028

Disintegration analyzers are widely used to measure the quality of oral dosage forms such as capsules and tablets. Disintegrate analyzers analyze how the drug in a pallet disintegrates in a solution.

The main function of disintegrate analyzers is to monitor the quality of different dosages and their performance by evaluating the time taken by a tablet and capsule to disintegrate. If the results of the test are not as per pharmacopeia standards, then all the tablets and capsules are sent again for quality testing. Thus, the high importance of disintegration analyzers in the pharmaceutical industry is one the prime factors boosting the disintegration analyzers market across the globe. Moreover, increase in the number of pharmaceutical companies across the globe and the growing requirement of pharmaceutical testing equipment are also among factors fuelling the demand for disintegration analyzers.

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Pharmaceutical companies require disintegration analyzers to check the uniformity and consistency of the production batches. The increasing usage of disintegration analyzers in academic labs is considerably promoting the growth of the disintegration analyzers market. Investments by various governments in the healthcare industry and improving pharmaceutical infrastructure are also among factors boosting the demand for disintegration analyzers.  Furthermore, technologically advanced disintegration analyzers are user-friendly, with features such as compact sizing (circular-/semicircular), easy to manage, precise temperature control, and the meeting of regulatory compliance requirements.

Disintegration Analyzers Market – Drivers and Restraints

Technological advancements in the pharmaceutical field and the availability of semiautomatic & digital disintegration analyzers

Technological advancements in the field of pharmaceuticals is one of the prime factors accelerating the demand for disintegration analyzers worldwide. New semiautomatic and digital disintegration analyzers with 2, 3, and 6 station testers are in high demand in the market. Technological innovations, such as a fully programmable tester, electronic heat control, and LED display, make them user-friendly, which is significantly boosting the demand for disintegration analyzers.

The new trend of using bathless tablet disintegration test systems in laboratories is also driving the disintegration analyzers market. This bathless disintegration test system has features such as semicircular design, integrated temperature sensors, and independent test stations. Thus, various user-friendly changes in disintegration analyzers over the years are fuelling the demand for disintegration analyzers.

  • For example, Agilent Technologies, one of the leading manufacturers of disintegrating analyzers, launched the new 100 Automated Disintegration Apparatus with innovative features such as quick disconnect fitting, compact size (single- and three-basket system), delivering hard copy printouts, and quick conduct sequential or simultaneous tests
  • Veego Instruments Corporation, a manufacturer of disintegrating analyzers, recently introduced the new VTD-AV4 digital tablet disintegration test apparatus. This apparatus has features such as vibration-free apparatus, pause facility, password protection, and a blue graphic LCD display.

On the other hand, lack of pharmaceutical lab facilities in certain underdeveloped regions is hampering the demand for disintegration analyzers. The inadequate availability of lab technologists in certain areas is another major factor restraining the growth of the disintegration analyzers market.

Disintegration Analyzers Market: Segmentation

On the basis of product type, the disintegration analyzers market is segmented into:

  • 2 station disintegration tester
  • 3 station disintegration tester
  • 6 station disintegration tester

On the basis of end use, the disintegration analyzers market is segmented into:

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Academic research
  • Others

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Disintegration Analyzers Market- Competition Landscape

Some of the key manufacturers of disintegration analyzers are Distek, Inc., Agilent Technologies, Panomex, Teledyne Instruments, ERWEKA GmbH, Copley Scientific, Electrolab, and Yatherm Scientific.

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