Electrosurgical Analyzer Market Analysis, Opportunities, Innovations with Economic Conditions By 2028

The electrosurgical analyzer is widely used for all critical electrosurgical unit (ESU) functions, such as frequency, measurement of energy, precision power, load resistance, voltage and crest factor. The electrosurgical analyzer is compatible with both ground/earth referenced and isolated types of electrosurgical units. The electrosurgical analyzers are commonly used for testing high level monopolar and low-level bipolar ESU outputs. Also, the electrosurgical analyzers are used to determine the performance and safety of electrosurgery generators.

An electrosurgical analyzer is a testing instrument used in performing output measurement checks and performs authentication on electrosurgical equipment. In addition, RF Leakage tests, including dispersive and active electrode leakage used in electrosurgical testing as well as numerous additional tests.

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Increasing demand for electrosurgical analyzers in National Health Service (NHS) and healthcare sector is fuelling market growth

There is an increasing need for the electrosurgical analyzers in the field of healthcare and medical sector for ensuring safety of the patient and doctor while using ESU (Electrosurgical Unit). The ESUs are assigned a high-risk level. Thus, the need for testing ESU by the electrosurgical analyzer is increasing, the ESUs are tested every 6 months for safety purpose. Also, the ESUs are used by the surgeons to apply high-frequency electric current to the patient’s skin for cutting the tissue. Therefore, electrosurgical analyzers are expected to witness extensive growth in the field of healthcare and medical sectors across the globe during the forecast period.

Portable electrosurgical analyzers with upgraded features gaining traction

Increasing spending on research and development by the manufacturers in the pharmaceutical and medical equipment industries for safety purpose is propelling the growth of the electrosurgical analyzer market globally. Manufacturers are focusing on enhancing the electrosurgical analyzers by improving features and the specifications for better optimal performance. There is an increasing demand for portable electrosurgical analyzers for the flexibility of the operation.

  • In 2018, Fluke, one of the US based prominent manufacturer of the electrosurgical analyzer, introduced electrosurgical analyzer with Signal Averaging Mode (SAMTM), 4-digit numeric LCD, RS-232 port for computer control, backlight and power-save mode for better battery performance.

Some of these key developments in the products are boosting the growth of the electrosurgical analyzer market across the globe during forecast period.

Electrosurgical Analyzer market: Segmentation

The global electrosurgical analyzer market has been segmented on the basis of modularity, end use, and region.

The segmentation on the basis of modularity:

  • Portable electrosurgical analyzer
  • Benchtop electrosurgical analyzer

The segmentation on the basis of end use:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Healthcare centers
  • Others

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Electrosurgical Analyzer market: Company Landscape

Some of the prominent players in the global electrosurgical analyzer market are Smith Nephew, Rigel Medical, Olympus, B. Braun, Medtronic, Fluke, Gebrüder Martin GmbH & Co. KG, BC Group International Inc.,  and S.P.L. Elektronik.

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