Heat Sealing Tester Market Global Production, Growth, Share, Demand and Forecast to 2028

Heat Sealing Tester is an apparatus used in laboratory to determine sealing pressure, dwell time, and seal temperature of plastics. Heat sealing testers are especially designed to simulate heat sealing condition and affecting factors for determination of heat sealing capacity of coated paper, composite films, plastic films, and other sealing films below specified sealing conditions. Also for determination of the heat sealability of a surface, or composites, sealant layer of films, polymers, and laminates among others. This test method can be applied to heat seals and to a variety of packaging materials that are used in various packaging formats using flexible, semi-rigid, and rigid components.

The use of heat sealing tester for packaging materials is becoming imperative as low quality hot seals can potentially create issues in the vertical form-fill-seal packaging industry. The heat sealing testing technology does not destroy the package seal that it is testing, which remain a primary factor pushing the demand for sealing tester. Moreover, surging demand for determining the sealing strength of two packaging surfaces is providing a strong impetus to heat sealing tester sales.

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Increasing demand for plastic packaging is fuelling demand growth of heat sealing tester

There is rise in the need of plastic pouch for food, medical, and pharmaceutical industries for protection of the ingredients which are inside the plastic pouch. The heat sealing tester plays an important role for checking the heat seal strength of the plastic pouch for the manufacturers. These factors are contributing to the growth of the heat sealing tester market across the globe.

The heat sealing tester has wide range of applications in various industries such as medical, dairy, packaging and others.

  • The medical protective clothing strength testing includes index testing such as material tensile strength testing, peeling strength testing of laminated films, hot seal strength testing, tearing strength and pouch resistance testing. The heat sealing tester is used to test the sustainability of the medical protective clothing strength. During storage and transportation of products, low hot seal strength will cause leakage.
  • The heat sealing tester also plays an important role in packaging of dairy products to achieve certain strength to avoid breakage during circulation process. Thus the heat sealing tester is a necessary equipment to accomplish packaging process
  • Heat sealing tester is highly adopted for moisture proof packaging. The moisture proof package is commonly used in electronics, machinery, foodstuff, daily care, and medicine, etc. The heat sealing tester is most frequently used for protection against moisture during manufacturing of pouch. Moisture proof package avoids deterioration and rusts of the packed contents efficiently.

Heat Sealing Tester Market: Segmentation

The global heat sealing tester market has been segmented on the basis of the product type, end use, and region.

The segmentation on the basis of Product type:

  • Heat Seal Tester
  • Gradient Heat Seal Tester
  • Laboratory Heat Sealer
  • Hot Tack Testing Machine

The segmentation on the basis of end use industry:

  • Medical sector
  • Dairy Sector
  • Packaging

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Heat Sealing Tester Market: Company Landscape

Some of the prominent key players in the heat sealing tester market are Labthink Instruments Co. Limited., Testing Machines, Inc., Presto Group, SWETEST INSTRUMENT AB, Torontech Inc., Messe Düsseldorf GmbH, Atis, RDM Test Equipment., and others.

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