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Friability is the tendency of a solid matter to break into fine pieces under pressure or contact, especially by abrasion. Compressed powders in uncoated tablets can easily shed minute particles during transit; this breakdown of tablets into tiny pieces is friability. It can be caused because of the number of factors like poor tablet design, insufficient binder, low moisture content, and others.

Friability testing is a laboratory technique broadly practiced by the pharmaceutical industry to test the strength of tablets during transit. Friability tester tests the amount to which compressed powder tablets will be reduced to fine particles when affected by vibration, pressure or friction. In friability testing, the sample tablets are placed into a rotating drum; before selecting test parameters based on the time, rotations, or starting and ending sample weights. Friability testing involves repetitively dropping sample tablets for a fixed period, using a baffling rotating wheel. The result is examined for damaged tablets, and the percent quantity of tablet mass lost through fragmenting.

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Technological advancements in the friability tester are further driving the market. As the uncoated tablets tend to shed the particles on friction during the handling, packaging, and transit; affects the effectiveness of the medicine on the consumer.

Market Dynamics- Global Friability Tester Market

The global market for friability tester is highly dependent upon the demand from the pharmaceutical industry. Being the primary end use for the friability testers, the pharmaceutical sector drives the growth of friability tester market. The pharmaceutical companies always try to improve their quality testing processes to ensure the desired hardness of the uncoated pills and tablets to be delivered. It is necessary for all the pharmaceutical manufacturers to continuously improvise their physical testing process by adopting the advanced technology and provide equipments with upgraded features. The continuous technological advancements in the friability tester for optimum results and effective testing process is further generating the demand for friability tester across the globe.

Wireless technology and automation mark recent trends in the global friability tester market

The technological features like touchscreen interface, wireless connectivity, USB connection, test result printing, auto-recording the test results, fully automatic tablet loading, automatic discharge, self-validation, and pre-programmed test parameters, etc. are recent trends in the friability tester which are boosting the demand for global friability tester market. For instance, ERWEKA GmbH, the German manufacturer and leading player in global friability tester market, recently launched their TAR-series of the friability testers offering the features like LED display, USP/EP/JP compliance, symbol style keypad for easy programming, and USB interface for connecting to computer or printer.

Difference in safety regulations across various regions is acting as a restraint for the growth of the market

The precaution and safety measures vary according to the multiple countries; hence the product designed and manufactured for one country’s market may or may not be competent for introducing in the other country’s market. There are different views and regulations of the various governments across the globe.

  • For instance, the safety measures stated in North American Safety Requirements differ from the rules of British Pharmacopoeia (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency of the United Kingdom)

Also for new entrants, these products might need high capital cost and investments which could act as a barrier or restraint for the growth of the market.

Segmentation- Global Friability Tester Market

The global market for friability tester can be segmented on the basis of test type, equipment type, application, and region.

Segmentation of Friability Tester Market by Test Type:

  • Conventional Test
  • Granule and Spheroids Test
  • Others

Segmentation of Friability Tester Market by Equipment Type:

  • Single Drum Tester
  • Double Drum Tester
  • Triple Drum Tester
  • Others

Segmentation of Friability Testers by End Use:

  • Academic Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical Testing Laboratories
  • Research and Development Laboratories
  • Others.

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KEY PLAYERS- Global Friability Tester Market

The key players operating in the global friability tester market are-

  • Panomex Inc
  • Copley Scientific
  • Electrolab
  • Agilent Technologies, Inc
  • Others

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