Automotive Transaxle Market : Big Players Focusing On Product Advancements For Business Expansion 2019 – 2029

Automotive Transaxle Market: Introduction

Automotive Transaxle is a mechanical component that combines the function of transmission axle and differential into a single integrated assembly. The automotive transaxle receives torque from the engine and directly sends it to the drive axles. Short drive axles are used to connect the transaxle output to the drive wheels and hub. Automotive transaxle can be operated both manually and automatically. Most of the vehicles that have torque converters have automotive transaxle units because transaxles are compact in size which helps them to increase the performance of the vehicles.

Transaxles are used in front-engine front-wheel drive, front-engine rear-wheel drive, and rear-engine rear-wheel drive. Rise in the powerful and advanced vehicles have led the manufacturers of automotive transaxle to focus on lightweight materials which will help in weight reduction of the component which will simultaneously increase the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Moreover, transaxle manufacturers are designing transaxle longitudinal transmission for front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive and transaxle transmission for only front-wheel & all-wheel drive.

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Automotive Transaxle Market: Dynamics

The automotive transaxle market is directly correlated with the production of automobiles. The prevalence of transaxle integrated vehicle grow with the increase in demand for front wheels drive vehicles. Its small compact design offer several benefits such as improved safety owing to increased weight in the front of the car. This also helps in reduction of the drivetrain weight leading it to increase the efficiency of the vehicles.

These factors are estimated to accelerate the growth of the market across the forecast period. One of the biggest advantage of transaxle is its engine and drive train noise is it central location in the engine compartment which helps for quieter operations. Additionally, transaxle integrated vehicles offer a smooth ride due to its less unsprung weight. The increasing demand for compact and high-performance cars also supports the growth of the automotive transaxle market. Nowadays, many high-performance transaxles are available in the market according to the requirement of the vehicle. Many racing cars utilize the high-performance transaxle due to tis reduced weight which helps them to increase the speed.

Further, increasing demand for hybrid engine cars in the emerging and developed economies for high fuel efficiency is also one of the prominent factors which will fuel the sales of automobiles. This factor is anticipated to directly impact the growth of automotive transaxle market. Transaxle manufacturers are also developing hybrid transaxles for their vehicles to improve their performance and efficiency.

Increase in demand for alternative transmission vehicles such as CVT may stagnant the growth of the automotive transaxle market.

Automotive Transaxle Market: Segmentation

Automotive Transaxle market can be segmented by variants, operations, sales channel and vehicle type

On the basis of variants, Automotive Transaxle can be segmented as:-

  • Front Engine, Front Wheel Drive Transaxle
  • Rear Engine, Rear Wheel Drive Transaxle
  • Front Engine, Rear Wheel Drive Transaxle
  • All Wheel Drive Transaxle

On the basis of operation, Automotive Transaxle can be segmented as:-

  • Manual
  • Automatic

On the basis of vehicle type, Automotive Transaxle can be segmented as:-

  • Passenger Cars
    • Compact
    • Mid-Size
    • SUV
    • Luxury
  • Commercial Vehicles

On the basis of sales channel, Automotive Transaxle can be segmented as:-

  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers)
  • Aftermarket

Automotive Transaxle Market: Regional Overview

In the automotive transaxle market, East Asia is estimated to hold the dominant share in the market owing to the high demand, production, and sales of passenger cars across the region. In East Asia, China is estimated to drive the growth of the region due to increasing sales of compact cars. Reduced tax on the compact cars has directly impacted the demand for compact passenger cars in China. Moreover, increasing government initiatives towards green mobility has led to the increase in the production of a hybrid electric vehicles across the region which is expected to positively affect the growth of the Automotive Transaxle market over the forecast period. South Asia is anticipated to grow with a relatively high growth rate compared to other regions due to improving road infrastructure development and increasing consumer spending across the region. Increasing living standard and need for easy mobility is another factor which supports the demand for passenger car and commercial vehicle, in turn affirmatively boost the growth of the automotive transaxle market. Europe and North America are projected to hold a significant share in the global automotive transaxle market owing to the presence of numerous automobile manufacturers across the regions.

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Automotive Transaxle Market: Market Players

Examples of some of the market participants in the global Automotive Transaxle market identified across the value chain includes

  • Toyota Motor Corporation,
  • Magna International,
  • Weddle Industries,
  • Volkswagen Group,
  • General Motors
  • Ford Motor Company

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