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Demolition Vessels Market – Scope and Opportunities Analysis 2018 – 2028 – Lake Shore Gazette

Demolition Vessels Market – Scope and Opportunities Analysis 2018 – 2028

Demolition Vessels Market: Introduction

The ships which are ready for the recycling, breaking and disposal are known as demolition vessels. This generally involves the disposal and breaking up of the ships where at the end of its life cycle it is being dismantled and each part is sent ahead for reuse. The recycling involves the extraction of the raw materials also known as scrap to be recycled and made into new products.

The owner of the ship chooses two of the options i.e. either they sell the ship directly to a ship recycling yard or can sell it through a cash buyer. The global trend of demolition vessels until 20thcentury were carried out in the industrialized ports. In 1980s the first recycling and breaking industry was moved from North America and Europe to East Asia and then to South Asia.

Demolition Vessels Market: Dynamics

The growing scarcity of the metals worldwide is a major concern to be considered in the forthcoming years. One of the benefit of the demolition vessels is that it allows the materials especially steel to be recycled which helps in making new products. This factor will drive the market for demolition vessels. Due to the lower demand for the mined iron ore also helps to reduce the energy use in the steelmaking process. This factor will lead to the demand for demolition vessels.

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The increase in the improper management and waste are one the calamity that regions are facing across the globe. The upsurge in the discarding of the waste materials is at an alarming situation which has started polluting land, water, and air. However, the continuous hard work in the previous few years have made an extraordinary changes in the disposable philosophy and have also opened opportunities for a number of substitutes to the waste disposal. Among them, demolition has been broadly accepted globally as one of the productive methods for waste management. This factor has led to the demand for demolition vessels in the market.

Alike other industries, the shipping industry is also one of the biggest polluters and creates large amount of waste every day. While these ships also dispose thousand tonnes of waste materials from daily operations, the disposal of a ship after it is at the end of its service life also leaves a vast amount of waste, posing a potential hazard to the environment. This factor has also led to the demand of demolition vessels in the market.

Demolition Vessels Market: Segmentation

The segmentation of demolition vessels market can be done by vessel type, by ship age, and by method.

By vessel type, the segment of the demolition vessels market is:

  • Bulk Carriers
  • Tankers
  • Containers
  • Cargo Ships
  • Passenger Ships
  • Drill Ships
  • War Ships

By ship age, the segment of the demolition vessels market is:

  • Less than 20 years
  • 20 – 40 years
  • Above 40 years

By method, the segment of the Demolition Vessels market is:

  • Beaching
  • Drydock
  • Slipway
  • Alongside/Buoy Method

Demolition Vessels Market: Regional Overview

Owing to the increasing acceptance of the luxury travels through ships, cruises and yachts, Asia Pacific is anticipated to see comparatively tremendous adoption of the demolition vessels during the forecast period. Due to growing waste materials demolition vessels market is estimated to see a noteworthy growth over the forecast period globally. On a version of the growing economy of middle class and entrance of low-cost manufacturers from Asia-Pacific region especially China, India, Bangladesh, it is anticipated to rise as the fastest rising region during the forecast period.

The profitable shipping industry specifically in the countries like India, China, Brazil, U.S., India, Australia, Japan, France, UK, and the Middle East proposes satisfactory growth scenarios for the originalities functioning in the demolition vessels market.

In the Asia Pacific region the increase in the number of production of the ships is driving the market growth majorly for the demolition vessels. Rise in the disposable income and the changing demographics and the rise in the disposable income in the region is also one of the prominent factor which is driving the demand for ships and yachts, leading to the growing demand for demolition, resulting in the demand for new demolition vessels in the region.

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Demolition Vessels Market: Market Participants

Examples of few of the key participants in the global demolition vessels market are identified across the value chain which include:

  • ABB Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
  • Batroun Shipbrokers
  • Fornaes Aps
  • Machtrans Ship Management Pvt. Ltd
  • LEYAL Ship Recycling Group
  • Smedegaarden A/S
  • Habib Group Ltd
  • Star Matrix Ltd.
  • Wirana

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