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Eye wash stations is very important system in for protecting and cleaning the eye. Eye is the most important party for vision, by which the shape, size and other specification can be define. The eye care is study under ophthalmology, which cover all the area for protection and treatment of eye.  Eye is made-up of sclera (white part of eye), cornea, retina, pupil and others which are directly responsible for vision. The care of eye need a proper guideline for the fluid which are used for treat or wash the eye in eye wash stations. The eye wash station is installed at various industries at a proper location show that the system can be safe and protect the eye at work properly. Eye wash station can clean the eye and also protect the eye from hazards chemical. The eye wash station also protect the eye from bacterial infection by proper washing which hand free. The eye wash station is much more affect from traditional eye wash, as eye wash station are hand fee and directly wash the eye with proper pressure and washing time. The eye wash stations are easy to hand and the clean the eye properly.

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Eye Wash Stations Market: Drivers and Restraints

Eye wash stations is a growing market over the forecast period, as the awareness about eye care is increasing along the increasing number of eye infection in various region. According to American Academy of Ophthalmology, approx. 2.4 million eye was reported with injuries in U.S. The increasing number of eye infection cases directly boost the growth of eye wash stations market. The eye wash stations are major protector for eye in various industries for chemical, pharm industries and other research centre, as the eye wash stations are hands free and proper pressure is applied to wash the eye. The high cost and lack of product availability in various region with lack of awareness about the eye wash stations among the user.

Eye Wash Stations Market: Segmentation

Eye Wash Stations market is segmented based on

Eye Wash Stations based on Product Types

  • Combination Drench Eye Wash Station
  • Faucet Mount Eye Wash Station
  • Laboratory Eye Wash Station
  • Plumbed Eye Wash Station
  • Portable Eye Wash Station
  • Wall Mount Eye Wash Station
  • Others Eye Wash Station

Eye Wash Stations based on End User

  • General Industries
  • Healthcare Industries
  • Research Centres
  • Others

Eye Wash Stations Market: Overview

Eye wash stations market is mainly focused by all end user which are working with harmful chemical and other hazardous products. The eye wash stations are every effective as this wash stations are hand free and wash the eye with proper care and effectively care the eye. The improve rule for protection of professional at work location also boost the market for eye wash stations. The increasing number of patient pool at work location also directly boost the market of eye wash stations.

Eye Wash Stations Market: Region-wise Outlook

Geographically, Eye Wash Stations market is segmented into North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific Excluding Japan, Japan, Middle East and Africa. North America has the major market for eye wash stations as the guideline for working professional is flowed by every industries and the increasing number of eye infection patient population directly boos the market for eye wash stations. Western Europe and Eastern Europe show growth as the adaptations are increasing with the end user. Asia Pacific Excluding Japan show sluggish growth the most of the region in developing and the industries guide line are implemented in slow rate as compared to other region. Japan show a growth as the adoption rate is moderate. Middle East and Africa show a slower growth as the awareness program about the product are conducted by industries players to increase market growth of eye wash stations.

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Eye Wash Stations Market: Key Players

Some of the players in Eye Wash Stations market include: TAUMEDIPLAST S.R.L, M?XTA MED?KAL, Yiber Elektronik San. and Tic. Ltd. Sti., Plum, Teknomek, Ciroldi SPA, HYGECO, Felcon, BIOBASE, Honeywell International Inc. and others.

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