Blunt Wraps Market Growth Analysis by Demand, Manufacturers and Forecast – 2027

Global blunt wraps market: Introduction

Cigarette smoking is increasing day by day. With the changing styles and consumption of cigars and cigarettes, the way of smoking also changes. Today, blunt wraps are used for smoking purpose and it revolutionized the smoking market. The word “blunt” refers to the thickness and rough edge of the wraps which are used in cigars. Blunt wraps are thick sheets used to roll tobacco leaf or dried leaves of marijuana. Blunt wraps have become popular during the recent years as, various brands are providing flavoured wraps. Blunt wraps are available in various flavours, right from chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry to blueberry and mojito. They are available in various thicknesses. Various tobacco manufacturers are also engaged in production of blunt wraps in the market as per the changing scenario. The blunt wraps market is growing with with increasing number of smokers across the globe. Due to these factors, the outlook for global blunt wraps market seems to be positive during the forecast period.

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Global blunt wraps market: Dynamics

Global blunt wraps market is anticipated to witness positive growth on the backdrop of growing number of active smokers all across the globe. Blunt wraps provide new way of smoking tobacco and marijuana leaves. People can fill tobacco or marijuana as per their requirement, this factor is expected to fuel the global blunt wraps market during the forecast period. Manufacturers are producing blunt wraps in various flavours such as kiwi, strawberry, mojito, vanilla, chocolate and among others. This increases consumer preference to opt for blunt wraps instead of cigarettes or cigars. This factor is expected to drive global blunt wraps market growth during the next decade. Blunt wraps are easily available in the market, even at convenience stores or online stores. It is used as an accessories for cigar and cigarillos. One of the factor which might hamper the growth of blunt wraps market during the forecast period is that health issues occur due to smoking, which leads to some fatal diseases such as cancer, tuberculosis and various others. Ban imposed by several government agencies in various countries against the use of tobacco and marijuana is expected to hinder the overall growth of blunt wraps market during the next decade. One of the factors which hampers the blunt wraps market growth is increasing awareness among people regarding harmful effects of smoking.

Global blunt wraps market: Segmentation

The global blunt wraps market can be segmented as follows:

Global blunt wraps market: Regional Outlook

The global demand for blunt wraps is expected to witness growth during the forecast period, due to growing preference for smoking among people. North American region is expected to witness positive growth in blunt wraps market during the forecast period due to increment in the number of users. APEJ region is expected to witness high growth in global blunt wraps market over the forecast period as the region has high number of people who engaged in smoking. Western Europe and Eastern Europe regions are expected to witness high growth in blunt wraps market over the forecast period. It is due to the study that millions of Europeans are engaged in the consumption of drugs such as marijuana and tobacco. Consumption of tobacco and marijuana is increasing, and people who are addicted to smoking, are always excited to try new ways of consuming them. Latin America is anticipated to witness positive growth during the forecast period. MEA region is expected to witness sluggish growth due to the ban imposed by the government on the use of drugs. Japan is expected to witness lucrative growth due to presence of active smokers in the region.

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Global blunt wraps market: Key Players

Few of the key players in global blunt wraps market are – Marijuana Packaging, Slimjim Online, BnB Enterprise, Smokers heaven, Durfort Holdings S.A., among others.

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