Facade Materials Market research Detailed Analytical Overview by 2017 – 2027

Façade Materials Market: Introduction – Façade Materials are the architectural materials that are used for increasing the aesthetics of a building. These constructional materials are usually used at the entrance part of the building. Besides just giving an aesthetic feel to the building, these materials can also be used for energy recreation. Building façades can be manufactured using various materials including but not limiting to glass, fiber, cement, wood, solar panels and metal. Façade materials are more about edifice aesthetics and are of a great significance for the design of the same. These are not only used for high rising buildings and offices but also for decorating storefronts and residences. Façade materials have been in use since twelfth century and have been in development ever since then.

The most modern façade materials are being used for manufacturing dynamic façades which are responsive to natural and artificial simulations. For example, wind responsive dynamic façade in Brisbane car park terminal in Australia wherein the façade is made up of 250,000 suspended aluminum panels which make a fluidic appearance when natural wind flows through them without actually wasting any kind of energy. Yet another modern example can be noted in the seasonal green dynamic façade in Portugal where the façade is designed in such a way that plantation can be grown on the exterior of building walls. Newer advancements and experiments are being made with the usage of façade materials.

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Façade Materials Market: Market Dynamics – The demand for façade materials is increasingly preferred with the gradual growth in the field of construction. With every new building constructed, be it a commercial space or residential, maintenance and innovation of building aesthetics is the new trend found in the current market endorsed by architects and builders. From the likes of vertical gardens being created on the walls of few buildings to technologically advanced facades which can change shapes on a click of a button. This new trend of decorating the newly constructed buildings and modifying the old ones using façades can be considered as the market driver for the façade materials market.

With the growing demand for the façade materials, a tremendous growth in the competition is being observed. This can be considered as a challenge for already existing façade materials manufacturers but on the other side can also be considered as an opportunity for new entrants with better ideas and technologies of designing great façades. With the extensive use of solar panels as façade materials by various high rising buildings to light themselves up using the solar energy has eventually given momentum to this market. Alongside, the most preferred materials used as façades are glass and aluminum as they have better elasticity over the others.

Façade Materials Market: Segmentation – On the basis of material type, global façade materials market can be segmented as: Wood, Metal : Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel, Bronze; Glass, Ceramic, Plastic and Fiber, Concrete; On the basis of application, global façade materials market can be segmented as: Sustainable Façade, Dynamic Façade; On the basis of product features, global façade materials market can be segmented as: Structural integrity, Weather-tightness, thermal insulation, Durability, Acoustic insulation, Safety and security; On the basis of end-user, global façade materials market can be segmented as: Residential : Private Houses, Complexes, Societies; Commercial – Offices, Malls, Hotels, Hospitals, Store Fronts; Industrial

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Façade Materials Market: Regional Outlook – The façade materials market is projected to grow in the emerging economical regions such as APEJ, Latin America, MEA and Eastern Europe. With growing rate of urban development in these regions, there is a lot of scope for the façade materials market here. That doesn’t mean that there is no scope in the already developed regions like NA, Western Europe and Japan. A new trend of green buildings or sustainable façade has emerged in the market which facilitates to the advancements in the façade materials industry in these nations and the rest of the world. Overall, the façade materials market has a never ending scope.

Façade Materials Market: Key Players – Enclos Corp, ZIGZAGSOLAR, FunderMax, Saint-Gobain, Permasteelisa S.p.A., Harmon, Inc., Walters & Wolf, Aedas

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