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Marine And Dock Gangways Market research to Make Great Impact in Near Future by 2017 – 2027 – Lake Shore Gazette

Marine And Dock Gangways Market research to Make Great Impact in Near Future by 2017 – 2027

Marine & Dock Gangways Market: Introduction

Ships, barges, cruise, boats, etc. all have different dimensions and dock profiles which are often elevated several feet above. Accessing these often requires specially designed platform known as gangways. A gangway is a variable-sloped pedestrian walkway which links a fixed structure or land with a floating structure. Also, gangways mounted on ships/barges facilitate easy manual stevedoring and offshore transfer of essentials among ships. Gangways on a ship connect the quarterdeck to the forecastle and serve the purpose of connecting various other areas within the ship and to that of other ship. Marine gangways are designed according to the various marine construction standards as gangways can be extensively useful in case of an emergency. Apart from stevedoring, the marine gangways are highly useful in case of offshore man and material transfer. Also, marine gangways are extensively useful in offshore construction and maintenance activities.

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The trade through marine ports contributes around 80 percent of the international trade volume and over 70 percent of total trade value. While in countries like China, these shares contribute a significantly higher share. Marine routes are major conveyance for goods in the form of containers, dry bulk, liquid bulk, and roll on-roll off (Ro-Ro) type of cargos, also passenger involving numerous national, international and cruise passenger. The marine gangways can be in the form of plain slop, stairs or stepped platforms and the design vary according to designing standards, application and customer requirements. Marine gangways are conventionally made up wood, aluminium and metal alloys, while the modern gangways are made through high strength polymers and fibers enabling a construction of a light weight structure.

Marine & Dock Gangways Market: Dynamics

The global marine gangways market is highly dependent on the demands from shipbuilding industry and new port construction and expansion projects. During the last few years, the shipbuilding industry has passed through deterioration phase, which is likely to get its pace over the next few years. Countries like, South Korea, China, Hong Kong (PRC), etc. are striving to bring on track the regional shipbuilding industry. Also, a huge surge in demands is expected from the defence sector as naval ships play a crucial role in maintaining sovereignty of any country. Countries like India, China, U.S, Japan, and NATO members have increased their defence budget for modernizing and strengthening forces which is estimated to fuel the demands of naval ships over the next coming years.

Offshore activities plays an important role on in orientation of shipbuilding industry and port development projects. Around 20% of oil reserves and 45% of gas reserves are located offshore. The spending for offshore exploration has been significantly increased and is estimated to increase further in coming years. Increasing bulk trade, development of new trade regions, offshore wind energy project, etc are some of the other factors which are estimated to lever up the demands for ships, barges, vessels and other maritime transports and hence the global marine & dock gangways market.

Marine & Dock Gangways Market: Segmentation

The marine gangways are available in different sizes and material which are customized as per the application and customer demand. However, the manufacturing and installation standards are maintained as per the guidelines issued by various standardizing organizations. The global marine & dock gangways market can be segmented as:

On the basis of Structure Type:

  • Truss
  • Beam

On the basis of Walkway Type

  • Ramp
  • Stairs/Ladders
  • Treaded
  • Others

. On the basis of Operation

  • Single Platform (Non-expandable)
  • 2 Stage Expandable (Telescopic)
  • Multistage Expandable
  • Others

On the basis of Mobility

  • Fixed
  • Mobile

On the basis of Application/Installation

  • Port/Harbor
  • Ship (container ship)
  • Barges
  • Vessel
  • Offshore refineries/exploration plants
  • Others

On the basis of Material

  • Aluminium
  • Steel & Metal Alloys
  • Composite/Wood/Others

Marine & Dock Gangways Market: Region-wise Outlook

The global marine & dock gangways market is dynamic in nature and demands are highly dependent on the regional ship & boat building industry and port development projects. With contribution of countries like, China and South Korea, the APEJ region is estimated to dominate the global marine & dock gangways market. However, port expansion and offshore exploration projects in North America and Europe region is estimated to create high growth opportunities for marine & dock gangways manufacturers. MEA region and Latin America regions are estimated to exhibit moderate growth for regional marine & dock gangways market.

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Marine & Dock Gangways Market: Market Participants

The marine & dock gangways market involves participation of various international and regional players offering customized solutions for the customers in various sectors. Some of the players in the global marine & dock gangways market involves GatorDock (CMI Limited Company), Safe Harbor Access Systems, Poralu Marine Inc , China Deyuan Marine Fitting Co.,ltd., sam-gong, among others.

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