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Nitrogen Gas Booster Market To Record Ascending Growth By 2018 – 2026 – Lake Shore Gazette

Nitrogen Gas Booster Market To Record Ascending Growth By 2018 – 2026

Nitrogen Gas Booster Market: Definition and Introduction

Nitrogen Gas Booster is used to boost up the pressure of bottled or constant supply nitrogen to higher pressure ranges. Nitrogen gas booster can be used for the purpose of pressure testing or pre-charging accumulators, or filling gas springs with higher pressure nitrogen. Nitrogen Gas Booster is a kind of pump, which is available in single acting or double acting configurations depending on the output pressure desired.

The nitrogen gas booster is available in various pressure ratios. Outlet pressure required to be achieved is equal to drive air pressure multiplied by pressure ratio of the nitrogen gas booster. The outlet pressure can be managed by adjusting and changing the drive air pressure. The higher the ratio of the booster pump, the higher is the output pressure of the air driven nitrogen gas booster.

Single acting air driven nitrogen gas booster has only one gas cylinder. A double acting air driven nitrogen gas booster has two similar gas cylinders for providing a higher output flow. For achieving higher compression ratios, e.g. relatively high output pressure with the supply of relatively low inlet pressure, two-stage air driven nitrogen gas booster is used. This kind of nitrogen gas booster has two separate gas cylinders, with each having a different ratio. Considering these aspects of the Nitrogen Gas Booster, the study of the trends and forecasts of the Nitrogen Gas Booster market becomes an important read.

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Nitrogen Gas Booster Market: Segmentation

On the basis of Drive Type, the Nitrogen Gas Booster market can be segmented as,

  • Pneumatic
  • Hydraulic
  • Electrical

On the basis of Type, the Nitrogen Gas Booster market can be segmented as,

  • Single Acting
  • Double Acting

On the basis of Installation, the Nitrogen Gas Booster market can be segmented as,

  • Stationary
  • Mobile

On the basis of Stage Type, the Nitrogen Gas Booster market can be segmented as,

  • Single Stage
  • Multi-stage

Nitrogen Gas Booster Market: Dynamics

Nitrogen Gas Booster finds application across various industries for applications such as leak testing, charging of gas springs, pressure test, charging of nitrogen accumulators, cylinder charging, gas transfer, and scavenging. Nitrogen Gas Booster provides a cost-effective way to extend the life of nitrogen supply tanks. Nitrogen in tanks with low pressure is boosted to a suitably higher pressure required for gas spring charging using nitrogen gas booster. Using a nitrogen gas booster, it is possible to scavenge maximum possible gas from storage tanks, reducing the need for handling additional storage cylinders and lowering the costs of total purchased gas supplies.

These savings can help pay back the cost of the nitrogen gas booster in a period of one to two years, depending on the number of cylinders used. Nitrogen is a much cheaper & widely available gas compared to other industrial gases such as hydrogen, argon, helium and oxygen. Thus the charging of accumulators with nitrogen is widely used in industrial applications, thus helping market demand for nitrogen gas booster. Nitrogen is also used in gas assist injection molding, which is a process to produce large volumes of plastic products having complex designs. Pressurized nitrogen gas is injected into the interior of a mold of the desired product, displacing the material and forming hollow sections as per the strategically designed gas channels.

Nitrogen gas booster also serves the aviation industry, with nitrogen being used for ground service carts and other ground service equipment. Nitrogen gas booster is also used to service on-board nitrogen bottles on helicopters equipped with emergency inflatable “Pop Type” floats, as well as servicing shock struts and pre-charging of accumulators  Nitrogen is also a commonly used inert gas for leak testing, for example in air conditioning systems. Thus, the increasing demand for high pressure nitrogen in various industrial applications will drive the market for Nitrogen Gas Booster.

Nitrogen Gas Booster Market: Regional Outlook

The demand for Nitrogen Gas Booster is set to grow at a steady pace in the next five to ten years with growing demand from industrial sector. Asia Pacific region is expected to be a significant market for Nitrogen Gas Booster, with fast growing economies and increasingly higher rates of industrialization. Europe and North America regions are also important for the Nitrogen Gas Booster market, considering well developed nitrogen supply chain across industries and high application rates. China, Japan, US, Germany, UK, Australia, India are some of the key countries to watch for the Nitrogen Gas Booster market.

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Nitrogen Gas Booster Market: Market Participants

Examples of some of the market participants identified in the Nitrogen Gas Booster market include,

  • Stromsholmen AB (Kaller)
  • Accudyne Industries LLC
  • High Pressure Technologies LLC
  • Pressure Technologies (Hydratron Limited)
  • Maximator GmbH
  • DADCO, Inc.
  • Parker Hannifin
  • Hydraulics International, INC.(HII) Group
  • Midwest Pressure Systems
  • Staffordshire Hydraulic Services Ltd.
  • SC Hydraulic Engineering Corporation
  • Hydro-Pac Inc.

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