Vented Caps Market research Prevalent Opportunities up to 2019 – 2029

Vented caps Market: Overview

Vented or porous caps are specialized caps which enable the containers to ‘breathe’ to avoid distortion or damage of the container. They have many advantages over non-vented caps. For instance, transportation of products can result in product bloating, collapse, or even can explode the container due to the unequal pressure build-up. To prevent such condition, vented caps were invented. Vented caps are leak-proof and do not cause loss of materials by equalizing the pressure at both the ends. They are the simplest and most cost-effective solution to challenge changes in temperature, pressure, and chemistry during the movement of the containers. Vented caps preserve and extend the shelf life of products and the containers.

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Porous caps are soft and flexible, which allows easy packaging of containers. They are marketing in various sizes, length, and material depending upon the characteristics of the container to be caped. Vented caps also help in blocking the sources of contamination of products which ensures product and container integrity. Vented caps help in maintaining the performance of the containers. They also allow the escape of gases which are formed in the container due to the presence of chemicals. They are mainly used for liquid product transportation. Vented caps mainly serve in the sectors of pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and chemical industry.

The ability to provide secure transportation of goods and container propel the market. Emerging sectors like pharmaceuticals have urged the production of vented caps which ensures safe portability of medical products. Moreover, increasing middle class population in developing countries of the Asia is expected to drive growth of the vented caps market during the forecast period.

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Advantages in using vented caps over non-vented caps

Vented caps allow a small amount of air to be released, which is formed by the goods present in the container. They only permit the one-way flow of air, which is pressure activated. Non-vented caps, on the other hand, do have such functions which can help in the rise of vented cups market. Non-vented caps do not have pores in it to allow the departure of pressure. Hazards can be caused due to the pressure build-up in the container, which can only be avoided by using vented cups. Therefore, driving the vented caps market across the globe.

Vented caps Market: Key Players

Some of the vented caps manufacturing companies are as follows: CP Lab Safety, Filtration Group Corporation, Merck Group, StockCap, Corning Incorporated, SABEU GmbH & Co. KG, Kaufman Container Company, W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc., UNITED CAPS LUXEMBOURG S.A., Tri-Sure Closures, and many other regional players.

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Vented caps Market: Key Developments

Many key players in the market are focusing on the product launch and acquisition strategy and to spread their presence globally. Recent developments in the performance of vented caps have created a wave in the rigid packaging market. Consumers are now able to transport goods safely without their spillage, which maintain their integrity and further increases the shelf life.

  • In April 2019, Filtration Group HVAC released a MERV 10 self-supported pleat air filter with the release of the MERV 10 AEROSTAR®NOVAPLEAT® X to improve indoor air quality.
  • In October 2018, Merck unveiled new product brand under closure segment in the last year.
  • In January 2018, CP Lab Safety Inc., a leading manufacturer, and supplier of caps and closures and environmentally friendly products, acquired major assets of Chemical Feed Safety Supply Inc.

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