3d Printing Enabled Augmented Manufacturing Market Development, Innovation, Opportunities and Growth to 2017 – 2025

3D printing Enabled Augmented Manufacturing Market Overview

3D printing, the colloquial name for Additive Manufacturing, is a manufacturing technique of creating a digital blueprint with the help of Computer Aided Design (CAD) or animation software to create a solid, physical object. It was even mentioned by President Obama in his 2013 State of the Union Address as a truly transformative technology having the potential to revolutionise the world. 3D printing allows the conversion of ideas from fiction to fact. It uses a layer-by –layer approach for creating prototypes, spare parts and final products. It has been around for around thirty years now but is only just beginning to scratch the surface of its true potential in the 21st century.

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One area of immense importance is the 3D printing Enabled Augmented Manufacturing Market. Augmented manufacturing elaborates the creation of tools, jigs, moulds, fixtures, templates, organisers and shields used during manufacturing. 3D printed production aids that are low-cost and high-reward items can substantially increase the profitability which is why a number of companies are adopting this technique. For e.g. – imagine producing a one-off robotic arm to grasp some part of an assembly line. It can be 3D printed in a few hours, tweaked if necessary, and then reprinted. The alternative is conventional manufacturing which would take weeks (and also be more expensive) and there is no guarantee that the product created will be optimum for use.

3D printing Enabled Augmented Manufacturing Market Drivers

The desire to improve manufacturing efficiency, productivity and quality is the main 3D printing Enabled Augmented Manufacturing Market driver. Companies that are deploying it aren’t just replacing machines, but redesigning the entire production line. This makes the work more efficient, fast, simple, accurate and profitable. Lead time reductions and cost savings can be enormous. The second driver of the 3D printing Enabled Augmented Manufacturing Market is the wider range of materials available for use which boosts its appeal to several industries. 3D printers have used materials like advanced nickel alloy, glass, carbon fibre, conductive ink, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and biological materials. These products can then be used in fields as diverse as aerospace & defence, medical, automotive, energy and the military.

3D printing Enabled Augmented Manufacturing Market Restraints

There are two main restraints for the 3D printing Enabled Augmented Manufacturing Market – the time taken and high cost. 3D printed augmented manufacturing tools must be quickly designed, produced and deployed to maintain a continuous workflow. At present, they are only made using wood, metal or plastic in very small quantities with either a semi-automated or manual process. As a result, a single tool takes anywhere between one to one month to design and build. In addition to this, intricate or elaborately designed tools may require several rounds of design, prototyping and re-evaluation to reach the performance expected. This will almost certainly drive up the cost, stifling the long-term growth prospects of the 3D printing Enabled Augmented Manufacturing Market.

3D printing Enabled Augmented Manufacturing Market Key Regions

The U.S. is anticipated to be the largest 3D printing Enabled Augmented Manufacturing Market due to its global pre-eminence as a manufacturing hub. It is particularly dominant in industries like aerospace & defence, automobile manufacturing and medical device equipment and healthcare, all of which use 3D printing to a greater extent. China, Japan, and South Korea will drive the demand in the coming decade due to robust manufacturing industries and strong government support.

3D printing Enabled Augmented Manufacturing Market Key Market Players 

A few companies involved in the 3D printing Enabled Augmented Manufacturing Market are 3D Systems Corporation, the ExOne Company, Stratasys Ltd., Voxeljet AG, SLM Solutions Group AG, Arcam Group, EOS GmbH, Materialise NV, Sciaky Inc, Concept Laser GmbH, EnvisionTEC GmbH, Autodesk, Inc., Hoganas AB, and Renishaw PLC.

The research report presents a comprehensive assessment of the market and contains thoughtful insights, facts, historical data, and statistically supported and industry-validated market data. It also contains projections using a suitable set of assumptions and methodologies. The research report provides analysis and information according to market segments such as geographies, types and applications.

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Regional analysis includes:

  • North America (U.S., Canada)
  • Latin America (Mexico. Brazil)
  • Western Europe (Germany, Italy, France, U.K, Spain)
  • Eastern Europe (Poland, Russia)
  • Asia Pacific (China, India, ASEAN, Australia & New Zealand)
  • Japan
  • Middle East and Africa (GCC, S. Africa, N. Africa)

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