Polysorbate Market Intelligence Report Offers Growth Prospects and Forecast 2015 – 2021

Polysorbate represents a class of emulsifiers used in food preparation, pharmaceuticals, and personal care and beauty products. Polysorbates are oily liquids made up of fatty acids and sorbitan. They are produced by reaction of sorbitol and polyol with ethylene oxide. Polysorbate function includes dispersion of oil in water as opposed to water in oil. Brand names for polysorbates include Tween, Canarcel, Scattics, and Alkest.

In beauty and personal care ingredients, polysorbate serves as a surfactant creating emulsions, facilitating the ingredients to combine better, making the product more effective. Polysorbate 20 is a commonly used in anti-aging products, facial cleansers, and hair styling gels. In cosmetic creams, polysorbate 40 serves as an emulsifier to stabilize essential oils in water.  Polysorbate 80 is used commonly in cold creams, baby lotions, bath oils, and suntan lotions. Polysorbate 85 is commonly used in tanning lotions.

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In foods, polysorbate is commonly used in ice creams, making them easier to handle and preventing them from melting rapidly. Polysorbate is also used in products like flavored mouth drops, as a wetting agent, to help the flavor spread. They are also used in powdered drink products, such as hot cocoa mix as emulsifiers. Polysorbate is a commonly used ingredient in the influenza vaccine. It also assists in emulsifying medicines like amiodarone.

The global polysorbate market is segmented into source, type, end-use, and region. Sources for polysorbate include plants (palm, olive, bay tree, etc.), animals (cow, sheep and pork fat), and synthetic source. Polysorbate types include Polysorbate 20, Polysorbate 40, Polysorbate 60, and Polysorbate 80 etc. The number followed by “Polysorbate” signifies the fatty acid type associated with the polyoxyethylene sorbitan part of the molecule. To be specific, 20 signifies monolaurate, 40 signifies monopalmitate, 60 signifies monostearate, and 80 signifies monooleate. Global polysorbate market is segmented on the basis of its end-use which includes use in food industry, medical and pharmaceutical use, and use in cosmetics. The global polysorbate market is further segmented on the basis of manufacturing technology used. Region wise, the global polysorbate market is segmented into North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Japan, Asia Pacific (APEJ), and MEA.

Continuously rising demand from the end use industry plays a vital role in the growth of the global polysorbate market. Growing demands for the bio based products also fuel the growth of the global polysorbate market. Increasing awareness about the use of quality skin care products is also a growth driver for the industry. Growing demand in food and beverage industry due to rapid industrialization is expected to fuel the growth of the polysorbate market.

Availability of natural alternatives restrains the growth of the polysorbate market. Turkey-red oil and coconut oil, owing to their emulsifying properties, can serve as an alternative to polysorbate. Coconut oil is an all-natural and safe alternative to polysorbate. It keeps water and oil from separating and also gives a pleasant scent. Borax or sodium borate is a natural alkaline mineral which when mixed with beeswax, serves as a natural alternative to polysorbate. Polysorbate can cause minor side effects on sensitive skin such as skin irritation.

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Some of the major players identified in the global polysorbate market are ,

  • Evonik Industries
  • Avantor Performance Materials
  • NOF America corporation
  • Solenis
  • Croda International
  • Camden-grey Essential Oils
  • Mohini Organics Pvt. Ltd.
  • M S Mehta & Co
  • Shine-Sarod Nigeria Limited
  • Chimi Gostaran Saba ( C. G. S. )
  • Reachin Chemical Co., Ltd.
  • Guangzhou Runhua Food Additive Co., Ltd
  • Wmc marketing
  • Gulf Care Factory
  • Mukasa Distributors Ltd.

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