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Sodium Citrate Market Global Upcoming Trends, Growth Drivers, Opportunities and Forecast 2016 – 2026 – Lake Shore Gazette

Sodium Citrate Market Global Upcoming Trends, Growth Drivers, Opportunities and Forecast 2016 – 2026

Food and beverages industry is passing through a highly competitive phase. Customer choices are changing in the food and beverages industry, and the industry is trying hard to meet the surging demand of the market. Several new ingredients are invented to enhance the shelf life of the food products available in the market. Taste and quality play a significant role in the food and beverages industry and sodium citrate is one such important chemical which is capable of adding a new flavour to the food and dietary products. Sodium Citrate controls the acidity in the food products and it also adds taste to various soft drinks that are present in the market. This chemical is readily soluble, and it works instantly in most of the cases. Sodium citrate increases the storage life of oil as an emulsifier.

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The pharmaceuticals industry is also dependent on sodium citrate. Some of the very essential and widely used drugs used to control acidity in blood and urine contain sodium citrate. Acidity soars in the human body when the kidney pumps out less quantity of acid. Physicians often treat this problem with the use of sodium citrate, as it reduces the acid contents in the body fluids such as urine.

But there are several side effects of sodium citrate. Studies reveal that patients treated with sodium citrate often suffer from sharp muscle contraction which further leads a patient to bone fracture and acute muscle pain. People living with kidney problems are always advised to stay away from sodium citrate. Sodium citrate elevates the sodium levels in the body and damages the kidney. Some of the patients might also develop symptoms of dizziness, numbness in their body parts because of sodium citrate. Sodium citrate is also used as a laxative to reduce constipation. It is extensively found in several laxatives as it fetches instant results for patients suffering from acute constipation.

Sodium Citrate market: Drivers

CKD (Chronic Kidney diseases) are rapidly rising in urban women. Women aged above 50 are worst affected by kidney related diseases. Some of the developed economies around the globe such as US is constantly combating with this ailment for the last few decades. Changing food habits, spiking stress levels in young and adults are pushing a whole generation towards Irritable bowel syndrome.  Anti-constipation medicines are in high demand. There are several pharmaceutical companies which are fuelling their production of drugs, capable of reducing constipation. Kidney stone is another widespread problem which nests in a human body because of high storage of acid in the kidney. Every day several people are affected by this disease around the globe. The global food and beverages industry is evolving fast with time. The companies are changing their food production styles and producing packaged foods which are a chemically equipped with a better shelf life. The rising consumption of prepared food and beverages, the rapid emergence of acute kidney diseases and a pool of population which is severely affected by constipation will create a better ambience of growth for the Sodium Citrate market in the forthcoming years. These elements will surely bring a huge change in the future and present value and volume of Sodium Citrate market. The drivers will set the trends and will probably impact the innovation and strategies of the stakeholders who are working in this expanding global sodium citrate market.

Sodium Citrate market: Restraints

Though sodium citrate is widely used in pharmaceuticals, food and beverage industry, the constant usage of this salty chemical might impact the body and mind of the users. A new breed of health-conscious citizens is avoiding packed and preserved food products. People are tilting towards fresh and organic food products which contain minimum chemicals. Change in consumer’s mindset will impact the steady rise of the preservatives market. Stringent regulatory measures to control medicines with acute side effects are already in place in some of the developed countries. There are alternative medicines available in the market to control acidity in the body. Patients affected by constipation are opting for natural healing procedures to cure the ailment. This changing trend is a massive roadblock to the organic growth of the sodium citrate market.

 Sodium Citrate market: Key Regions

Sodium Citrate is one of the most elaborately used chemicals. It is employed in pharmaceuticals also in the food and beverages industry. The scope of expansion of Sodium Citrate market is maximum. Markets of Sodium Citrate in North America and Europe will soar as these regions are flooded by packed food products and crowded with consumers who highly prefer packaged foods. The emerging consumerism in APEJ, MEA regions will also open a new window of growth for the sodium citrate market. Food habits of denizens of these areas are changing fast, and constipation and bowel problems are high in some of these regions.

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Sodium Citrate market: Key players

 few of the many shareholders present in the Sodium Citrate market are,

  • Cargill
  • Citrique Belge
  • Gadot Biochemical Industries Ltd.
  • Panchem Corporation
  • Hunan Dongting Citric Acid Chemicals Co., Ltd.

The research report presents a comprehensive assessment of the market and contains thoughtful insights, facts, historical data, and statistically supported and industry-validated market data. It also contains projections using a suitable set of assumptions and methodologies. The research report provides analysis and information according to market segments such as geographies, types and applications.

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