Critical Condition Surveillance Systems Market size, market share, key industry trends, segment-wise analysis Forecast 2017 – 2025

Critical Condition Surveillance Systems Market Overview

The general care floor refers to a hospital unit where patients receive 24-hour general medical attention and/or post-surgical treatment. Usually, a GCF ward includes patients who require less care than that given in Intensive Care, Critical Care or speciality care units. Unfortunately, the economic downturn combined with ICU staffing and bed shortages has led to patients being moved earlier than desired from the CCU to the GCF. While GCF treatment is certainly less expensive, this unit is not fully equipped to provide continuous patient surveillance needed by higher priority patients. The general care units frequently have a higher patient to nurse ratios, lesser access to continuous surveillance technology, and reduced patient visibility because they have private patient rooms coupled with extended hallways. Thus, there is a need for medical organisations to focus on their speciality care department more which is why the Critical Condition Surveillance Systems market has become important recently. 

Critical Condition Surveillance Systems Market Drivers

Medical errors and adverse events are not very uncommon in critically ill patients. Millions of patients in the U.S. alone sustain medical injuries due to medical errors every year. Many of these preventable mistakes result in severe disability or even death on some occasions. The process of patient evaluation and risk assessment is often challenging in a hectic hospital environment. The Critical Condition Surveillance Systems market helps medical organisations to reduce errors, ensure timely evaluation and intervention for critically ill patients, and also reduce their risk of developing both preventable and non-preventable complications.

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An ageing population in the west, coupled with their fervent desire to live independently is expected to be a key driver of the Critical Condition Surveillance Systems market. The Baby Boomer generation is poised to reach retirement age within the next decade or so and they will require medical attention for any medical ailments. The vast majority prefer to live and receive care within the comfort of their own homes. The high acuity of critically ill patients, coupled with a complex clinical environment, will demand an innovative approach to safe patient care which is efficient, effective and affordable. Critical Condition Surveillance Systems could help bedside nurses and medical organisations accurately identify patients at risk of potential ailments or even medical errors. 

Critical Condition Surveillance Systems Market Restraints

The most major concern for the Critical Condition Surveillance Systems market is that of privacy, data integrity and confidentiality. It is absolutely essential to keep the patient health records confidential to ensure privacy. Only the medical organisation should be allowed to access these systems. The data must never be made available to any unauthorised person as they may tamper with it, leaving the patient vulnerable to an incorrect diagnosis. If the healthcare data is not properly encrypted while transmitting, it can be easily exploited by hackers as an individual’s healthcare data is far more valuable than their financial records. Any data breach may make patients wary of using these systems, challenging the growth of the overall Critical Condition Surveillance Systems market.

Critical Condition Surveillance Systems Market Key Regions

North America is the largest Critical Condition Surveillance Systems market on account of its geriatric population, advanced healthcare facilities and willingness to adopt the latest technology. Europe is not far behind but China and India are expected to show the maximum growth in the 21st century. 

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Critical Condition Surveillance Systems Market Key Market Players 

  • GE Healthcare
  • CareFusion (subsidiary of Becton
  • Dickinson and Co.)
  • Health Monitoring Systems
  • Cisco.

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