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Anti Wear Additives Market Opportunities, Demand and Forecast 2019 – 2029 – Lake Shore Gazette

Anti Wear Additives Market Opportunities, Demand and Forecast 2019 – 2029

Anti-Wear Additives Market: Introduction-

Anti-Wear Additives are the lubricants that react with the metal surface at elevated temperature and pressure ambience by forming a protective shield between metal surface which prevent metal surfaces from wear under the boundary of lubrication condition. Anti-wear additives chemically react with the surface to form a low-shear-strength coating. In addition, anti-wear additives are always formed from an increased temperature created due to load between metal surfaces. Anti-wear additives contain various chemical composition such as zinc dialkyldithiophosphates, moly compounds, Nano-particulate potassium borate and ash less dialkyldithiophosphates etc.  Anti-wear additives are mainly used in light vehicles such as a car, motorcycle and in other mechanical machines.

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Anti-Wear Additives Market: Dynamics-

Growing automotive production coupled with increasing fleet of vehicles is the key factor in driving the market of anti-wear additives due to its extensive consumption in gearbox from wear and tear protection of its metal surfaces. Furthermore, increasing demand for anti-wear additives from various industries such as metalworking fluid is also fueling the market of anti-wear additives. Advancement in technology leading to the innovation of new automobiles such as aluminium trucks, smart cars is also expected to create a positive impact on the consumption of anti-wear additives. Regulation focusing on fuel emissions, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and economic results in affecting the anti-wear additives selection and usage which includes increasing utilization of low-viscosity material with a chemical limit in anti-wear additives. Increasing use of anti-wear additives in a base oil for longer service life and performance is also propelling the market of anti-wear additives. Conversely, the strict regulatory restrictions act as a restraint in the growth of the Anti-Wear Additives. To comply with the mandated norms, the manufacturers have significantly spent in R&D in order to produce fine quality additives that adhere to customer demand as well as environmental regulation as an acceptable product by benchmarked standards. The anti-wear additive can also be supplemented with the extra pressure additive in order to increase its application which can increase the demand for anti-wear additive in the market to end-user.

Selection of anti-wear additives depends upon on various end-use such as hydraulic systems, automotive engines, gearboxes etc. their usage varies accordingly. The consumer demand for Additives for specific application has resulted in influencing the consumption of anti-wear additives in the regional market

Anti-Wear Additives Market: Segments-

The Market of Anti-Wear Additives can be segmented into two factors on the basis of its chemical composition and its application

Anti-Wear Additives Market can be segmented on the basis of its chemical composition

  • Zinc
  • Sulfur
  • Phosphorus
  • Mineral Oil

Anti-Wear Additives Market can be segmented on the basis of its applications

  • Automotive
  • Metal Working
  • Construction
  • Locomotive
  • Other End-User Industries

 Anti-Wear Additives Market: Regional Overview –

On regional front, Asia Pacific holds the significant market share of anti-wear additives market and is expected to lead the overall market in the coming forecast period due to increasing several activities in the industrial sector, construction, automotive industries and cost-efficient production together with the presence of leading manufacturers in the region.  The developing countries like China and India are the prominent consumers of anti-wear additives in the Asia Pacific region due to increasing demand from automotive industries. While Europe and North America are also expected to have an optimistic impact on the future growth coming for anti-wear additive anti-wear market North America is the second largest region with a substantial market share of various lubricant additives such as anti-wear additives. However, Europe is estimated to show the fastest pace in the growth of the anti-wear market in the coming future year

Anti-Wear Additives Market: Key Market Participants

Some of the key market participants in the market of Anti-Wear Additives are as follows:-

  • Lubrizol
  • Infineum
  • Chevron Oronite
  • Croda International Plc
  • Afton Chemical Corporation
  • BASF
  • Chemtura Corporation
  • Vanderbilt Chemicals
  • Evonik
  • Croda International
  • Afton Chemical Corporation
  • Tianhe Chemicals Group

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