Raman Analyzers Market research to Make Great Impact in Near Future by 2026

Raman analyzers are used to measure the interaction of light with matter. Laser is generally used in such analyzers to cause the atoms in molecules to vibrate. The light scattered from the atoms forms a fingerprint type of data that is used to identify chemical structures and physical phase of the samples. Some of the applications of Raman Analyzers include, measurement of crystallographic orientation, identification of molecules in samples such as proteins, polymers, pharmaceuticals, inorganics, minerals and other sample types. All types of samples including solids, liquids and gases can be analyzed using the Raman Analyzers. With the development of real time Raman Analyzers, Pharmaceutical applications flourish, since the Real Time Raman Analyzers allow reactions to be followed in the laboratory or on-line at production site. These Raman Analyzers are available as hand held, bench top and wall/rack mounted equipment’s.

Some of these Raman Analyzers are phAT enabled. This allows a new approach to sampling by eliminating the sample irreporoductibility and focuses on a larger surface are of the sample simultaneously, there by offering the benefits of non-destructive sampling. The process Raman Analyzers may be wall mounted or rack mounted on simply placed on a trolley since they are larger than the bench top Raman analyzers. These process Raman Analyzers require to be installed in hazardous area and thus the exterior of these devices are designed to sustain the environment. The Handheld Raman Analyzers are designed to overcome a number of challenges including sampling challenges due to field conditions. Often field samples require to be sampled at awkward angles or materials is in different forms such as liquids, gels, or powders. Apart from being portable and handy the most handheld Raman spectroscopy are able to analyze samples through plastics or glass bottles directly.

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There are a number of manufacturers that offer Raman Analyzers. However a number of these manufacturers offer their analyzers for distribution and sales only in North America and Europe. This is due the high demand and adoption for the use of the devices in the region. However, due to the fast expanding pharmaceutical industry in China, it is expected to be one of the most lucrative market during the forecast period.

The Global Raman Analyzers market is classified on the basis of product type, sample type, application, end user and region:

Based on the Product Type, Raman Analyzers market is segmented into following:

  • Hand Held Raman Analyzers
  • Bench Top Raman Analyzers
  • Wall/Rack Mount Raman Analyzers

Based on the Sample Type, Raman Analyzers market is segmented into following:

  • Solids Raman Analyzer
  • Liquid/Gas Raman Analyzer

Based on the Application, Raman Analyzers market is segmented into following:

  • Research
  • Analytical Studies
  • Process Applications

Based on the End User, Raman Analyzers market is segment as below:

  • Research Institutes
  • Biopharmaceutical/Bioprocess Industry
  • Biotechnology Companies

Growing focus on drug development in the healthcare industry is the major driving force for the market. There is a rise in the R&D investment in the pharmaceutical industry that drives the growth of the Raman Analyzers market globally, since it is extensively used in the pharmaceutical industry. The Raman spectroscopy is also extensively use in the food safety, and other industries. Thus, the rise in demand for food safety along with the rise in demand for metals and minerals is also driving the growth of the Raman Analyzers Market. However the high cost of Raman Analyzers increases the R&D cost incurred that may hinder the growth of the Raman Analyzers market.

On the basis of geography, global Raman Analyzers market is segmented into six major regions that include North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific except China, China and Middle East & Africa. North America is expected to be the most lucrative Raman Analyzers market owing to the increasing demand and local manufacturers. A number of manufacturers offer Raman Anlyzers that are available and distributed only in developed regions such as North America and Europe. Thus Europe is expected to be the second most lucrative region for the growth of the Raman Analyzers market. Asia-Pacific is the emerging Raman Analyzers market due the extensively expanding pharmaceutical industry in the region particularly India and China.

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Key participants operating in the Raman Analyzers market are:

  • ThermoFisher Scientific
  • Enwave Optronics
  • Kaiser Optical Systems
  • Applied Instrument Technologies
  • SciAps
  • Resolution Spectra Systems Inc.
  • AppliTek
  • BaySpec
  • Metrohm USA

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