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Throat Lozenges Market research Structure Analysis for the Period 2015 – 2021 – Lake Shore Gazette

Throat Lozenges Market research Structure Analysis for the Period 2015 – 2021

Throat lozenges, commonly known as cough sweet, cough drop, cachou or troche, are small sized medicated tablets. Lozenge word is used for diamonds that are rhombus in size. Throat lozenges are diamond shaped and these tablets get easily dissolved in the mouth and help relieve temporarily from coughs and other throat problems. It helps soothe and lubricate tissues of throat that are affected from influenza or common cold. Throat lozenges are utilized since ages (1000 BC) for treating throat infection. The first throat lozenges were made in Egypt with the utilization of various ingredients such as honey, herbs, citrus and spices. These tablets were further modified by Smith Brothers in 1852 as cough drops and in 1879 by Luden. The modification included the addition of heroin and morphine in small quantity to enhance the efficiency of the actions of throat lozenge.

In current scenario of the market throat lozenges are composed of an anesthetic, benzocaine and eucalyptus oil.  Pectin or zinc gluconate glycine is utilized while manufacturing non-menthol throat lozenges. Most of the throat lozenges also contain dextromethorphan. Various brands are available in the market for throat lozenges that include CÄ“pacol, Butter-Menthol, Chloraseptic, Gorpils, Fisherman’s Friend, Halls, Lockets, Läkerol, Pastilles Juanola, Luden’s, Ricola, Robitussin, Strepsils and Smith Brothers. Some other brands are Tunes, Vigroids, Vicks, Victory V, Sucrets and CVS Throat Drops.

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Throat lozenges are advised to patients suffering from pharyngitis (sour throat). Pharyngitis may be caused due to either virus or bacterial infection (streptococcus infection). It is opined by the medical professionals that approximately 50% of sore throat is caused by viral infections and 15% to 20% occurs due to bacterial infections. Mycoplasma pneumoniae, Streptococcus, Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Chlamydia pneumonia are some of the bacteria that cause sore throat. Symptoms that occur in a patient suffering from sore throat include redness of throat, swollen throat and difficulty in swallowing.

The growth of the market for throat lozenges will be driven by aging population since elderly people often suffer from throat infection that increase the uptake of throat lozenges. It has been projected by the World Health Organization (WHO) that by 2050 nearly 2 billion populations will belong to geriatric population and it also estimated that global elderly population was 524 million in 2010. Similarly, increasing number of HIV patients across the globe also propels the growth of throat lozenges market since HIV patients usually suffer with throat infection. Similarly, rising incidences cold and coughs will also augment the growth of throat lozenges market. In addition, changing lifestyle will further support the growth of throat lozenges market since new lifestyle is responsible for reducing immunity of the body.

North America in 2012, accounted for the largest share of global throat lozenges market due to presence of large number of throat lozenges manufacturers. Also, due to cold temperature in the nations such as U.S. and Canada, accentuate the incidences of cold and cough in population and in turn boost the growth of throat lozenges market in the region. Europe accounted for the second largest share of the global throat lozenges market owing to the presence of large geriatric population.

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Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World accounted for the smallest share of global throat lozenges market. The major players operating in the throat lozenges market include

  • GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Limited
  • SSL International
  • Thornton & Ross
  • Pfizer
  • and Procter & Gamble (P&G)

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