Curdlan Market Higher Mortality Rates by 2025

Curdlan is a kind of lined beta-1,3-glucan, which is a high molecular mass polymer of glucose. Curdlan contains of β-(1,3) linked glucose deposits along with forming elastic gels when heated in aqueous solutions. It is also produced by non-pathogenic bacteria called as Agrobacterium biobar. Hence, the production of this curdlan by Alcaligenes faecalis bacteria is being produced to be used in gel production and other substances. Curdlan is a kind of neutral beta glucan polymer having few intra or interlinked chains which produces an exopolysaccharide by the help of soil bacteria. There are presence of various genes which are required for the production of curdlan that have been identified which produces curdlan in very large amounts for various applications. A membrane which is bounded by phosphatidlyserine synthase which is also necessary for the production of large amounts of curdlan having very high molecular mass which is used in various end use applications. Curdlan is used as a kind of gelling agents in various applications such as in a variety of food products, pharmaceuticals, building materials and is also has been approved as a food additive by the U.S. Food and Administration Department.

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Global Curdlan: Market Segmentation

The global curdlan market is segmented on the basis of form, application and region. The curdlan market is segmented on the basis of forms such as gum, powder, liquid, and others. The global Curdlan market is segmented on the basis of application in which Curdlan is used in application such as pharmaceuticals as a gelling agent in medicines and drugs, in savory dishes such as soups, sauerkraut, sauces, toppings, pickles and salads. Curdlan is widely used as a stabilizing and thickening agent for various bakery products such as biscuits, cakes, rye breads, meat dishes. Hence, the global Curdlan market is expected to significantly increase the revenue contribution over the forecast period.

Global Curdlan Market: Regional Outlook

Geographically, the global curdlan industry can be divided by major regions which include North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, Japan and Middle East and Africa. Globally, among all regions, Asia Pacific has developed as the dominant region in global Curdlan market followed by Europe. Increasing demand for curdlan as a thickening agent in various end use applications, has strengthened the growth of global Curdlan market and hence is projected to significantly expand the revenue contribution of the market over the forecast period.

Global Curdlan Market: Growth Drivers

The global Curdlan market driving factors are increasing demand for ready-to-eat snack foods coupled with the convenience of foods. Increasing opportunities in bakery industry is also another factor in driving the Curdlan market along with rising in production of Curdlan as a result of stabilizing agents used in various food applications. Manufacturers are focusing on providing healthier product offerings. Curdlan helps in improving various savory products thickening and is used by various manufacturers worldwide. Curdlan is also used as a stabilizing agent in various pharmaceutical drugs and medicines. Curdlan consists of physical properties which is helpful in improving batter aeration, better dough plasticity along with improved resistance to staling in bakery products.  Hence, the global Curdlan market is expected to observe robust growth over the forecast period.

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Global Curdlan Market: Key Players

  • Kyowa Hakko Kirin Co., Ltd.
  • Shandong Zhongke Biological Technology
  • Shanghai Trustin Chemical Co.Ltd.
  • Carbomer, Sigma-Aldrich
  • Haihang Industry Co., Ltd.

The companies are expected to expand their business by enhancing their product portfolio in global curdlan market. The companies are projected to frame certain strategies in future in order to gain the competitive advantage in global curdlan market till 2025.

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