Hydrofluoroolefin Hfo Market by Type and Application to 2019 – 2029

Market: Introduction

Hydrofluoroolefin are unsaturated organic compounds composed of hydrogen, fluorine and carbon similar to HFCs. HFOs are olefins also known as alkenes. Hydrofluorocarbons are extensively used as refrigerants and in other applications such as blowing agents however, HFCs are potent greenhouse gases with a high global warming potential which can deplete the ozone layer. Hydrofluoroolefin are an alternative to hydrofluorocarbons, with zero ozone layer depletion and low GWP. Hydrofluoroolefin are the fourth generation of refrigerants which presents a strong case as an alternative to the refrigerants depleting ozone layer. HFOs will also be used in other applications such as technical aerosols, insulation foam and solvents.

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Hydrofluoroolefins have four major product type which offer similar solution for different systems. HFO-1234yf is a low GWP refrigerant which is used in automotive air-conditioning systems. Manufacturers such as Chemours are one of the few to have commercialize this type of hydrofluoroolefin. Other products such as HFO-1234ZE is used as a propellant for aerosol applications moreover, it is non-flammable, exempt from VOC regulations and less toxic in nature. Hydrofluoroolefins are used in multiple end use industries such as automotive, electrical appliance and construction.

Market: Dynamics

Hydrofluoroolefin Market: Driver

Hydrofluoroolefin is extensively used in applications such as foam blowing and automotive based air-conditioning systems. Hydrofluoroolefin are used as blowing agents to manufacture polyurethane foams which is widely used in construction and automotive sector for their flexible and rigid nature, this is expected to drive the hydrofluoroolefin market.

The major commercial interest in the hydrofluoroolefins market from the key manufacturers and end users is that HFOs breaks down to trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) in atmosphere which is non-toxic and has zero ozone depletion properties, which makes HFOs an exception from other fluorinated gases. Mobile air-conditioning and foam are attracting the investors to generate business in the HFO market. Moreover the increase in concern for more green route and environment friendly alternatives have pressurized the end users to opt for alternatives. The companies are now taking prime interest in manufacturing hydrofluoroolefin grades with more investments projected in the research & development sectors.

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Manufacturers such as Honeywell and Arkema have patented hydrofluoroolefin and branded them under Solstice and Forane. As the hydrofluoroolefin market hasn’t matured completely, the market holds potential for different applications yet to be discovered.

Hydrofluoroolefin Market: Restraints

The benefits of HFOs on the environmental side are partly overshadowed by the concern on their safety. Tests have shown the potential danger of flammable HFO used in the few systems as a propellant. Just as all halogenated hydrocarbons, hydrofluoroolefins are easily decomposable under high temperature conditions and the high solubility forms acid which would cause skin, eye and throat irritation even something fatal. So HFOs are being carefully used as refrigerants have higher possibility to get to high temperature and therefore bring greater risks, which may affect the growth of the hydrofluoroolefin market in the coming years.

Market: Segmentation

The Global Market of Hydrofluoroolefin can be segmented by: Product Type

  • HFO-1234ze
  • HFO-1233zd
  • HFO-1234yf
  • HFO-1336mzz
  • Others

The Global Market of Hydrofluoroolefin can be segmented by: Application

  • Commercial Refrigeration
  • Foam Blowing Agents
  • Domestic Refrigeration
  • Mobile Air-Conditioning Systems (MACs)
  • Aerosol Propellants
  • Precision Solvent Cleaners
  • PU Spray
    • Rigid PUF Injected
    • Rigid PUF Continuous Laminate/ Board-stock
    • Rigid PUF Residential Appliances
    • XPS
    • Others
  • Others

The Global Market of Hydrofluoroolefin can be segmented by: End Use

  • HVAC
    • Automobile
    • Construction
  • Polymers & Plastics
  • Others

Market: Regional Outlook

North America is expected to be holding a stronger share in the hydrofluoroolefin market over the coming years.  The introduction and adoption of environmental regulations to control the global warming, such as Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) Program of EPA is boosting the demand for HFOs in the North America region specifically U.S.

In the recent years countries in Europe such as Germany, Italy, Spain, U.K and France have already started to step aside from the HFCs shadow in the automobile and construction industries for HVAC applications. The European Directive on Mobile Air-Conditioning Systems (MACs) introduced a gradual ban on these gases in passenger cars is boosting the demand for hydrofluoroolefin in the region.

Asia-Pacific is primarily a blowing agent market and hence HFOs are expected to hold a strong potential in the region in the coming years. The growing automotive industry and increasing construction activities in the emerging economies are expected to foster the market growth of HFOs in the region.

Market: Key participants

  • Honeywell,
  • Chemours,
  • Dupont,
  • Mitsubshi Electric,
  • Kirloskar Chillers Private Ltd.,
  • Arkema,
  • Linde,
  • Haltermann,Solvay,
  • Lambiotte 
  • Cie 

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