Influenced by COVID-19 Pandemic, Global Welding Cables Market to Grow in the Coming Years

Global Welding Cables Market: Introduction

Welding cable is the electrical conductor for the welding current. It is intended to power an electrode for use in arc-welding electric machines, a metal bar that conducts charge, also used in automotive battery and truck battery. The conductor has fine copper strands which give welding cable more flexibility than other types of electrical conductors. Rubber insulation and high strand count helps to increase the cable’s flexibility and made welding cable extremely flexible and durable. The welding cable capacity is impacted by cross sectional area, ohm rating, cable length, ambient temperature, and the temperature rating.

The global welding cable market is expected to grow at a high rate owing to the higher technological growth and rapid industrialization going on in the developing countries such as China, India.

However, the key factor restraining the growth of welding cables market are the cost of welding cable and threat of fire hazard.

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Global Welding Cables Market: Segmentation

Globally, the welding cables market can be segmented on the basis of conductor size, coating, cable size, and application, etc.

Based on the Conductor Size, the global welding cables market can be segmented into,

  • 1 AWG
  • 2 AWG
  • 4 AWG
  • 6 AWG

Based on the Coating, the global welding cables market can be segmented into,

  • Single coated rubber
  • Double coated rubber

Based on the Cable Size, the global welding cables market can be segmented into,

  • 16mm2 – 25mm2
  • 35mm2 – 50mm2
  • 70mm2 – 120mm2

Based on the Application, the global welding cables market can be segmented into,

  • Arc-Welding Machine
  • Lighting
  • Hoists and Cranes
  • Automotive

Global Welding Cables Market: Dynamics

The metal fabrication and engineered products is considered to be the major end user of welding cables by volume. In the automobile industry, welding cables are used in the automotive battery and also in a truck battery. Improvements in the safety features of vehicles and developing automobile designs, have increased the sales of automobiles boosting the growth of the welding cables market. Also, technological growth and rapid industrialization in developing countries such as China, India is expected to drive the global welding cables market. The welding cables are also used in electric arc-welding machine and in many more application. The aforementioned application assists the growth of welding cables market in the near future. Moreover, the introduction of housing projects and several development has provided thrust to the construction industry in emerging economies such as India, China, and South Africa. Some of the other factors that are stimulating the growth of the market are industrialization, technological advancements, and urbanization.

The key factor restraining the adoption welding cables is that some amount of resistance will occur in cable. If the diameter size of cable is small and the current flowing through it is maximum then cable will overheat. The overheating of cable can be resulted into fire hazard. Moreover, the oversized welding cable is not cost effective because the costs of welding cable per foot or per meter is more than small diameter cable. Hence the users do opt for alternative technologies for metal jointing.

Global Welding Cables Market: Regional Outlook

North America in the welding cables market is expected to have high growth over the forecast period owing to high technological growth and expected to follow the same trend over the forecast year. Asia Pacific is projected to follow by North America. The rising demand from end user for the welding cables in countries like China and India is expected to drive the Asia Pacific welding cables market. Europe is anticipated to follow by Asia Pacific and projected to have promising growth in the welding cables market. Moreover, Latin America is anticipated to follow by Europe over the forecast period. The Middle East is expected to have a small share in the welding cables market as compared to other regions.

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Global Welding Cables Market: Market Participants

Some of the key players involved in the welding cables market include:

  • Lincoln electric,
  • Kalas Manufacturing, Inc.,
  • TEMCo Industrial,
  • Viral Electronics Private Limited,
  • Eland Cables,
  • Electric Holdings, Inc.,
  • Anixter International,
  • Southwire Company, LLC,
  • Huadong Cable Group,
  • Allied Wire & Cable, Inc., and some others.

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