NPWT Suction Pads Market Sales Volume, Status, Growth, Opportunities and World and Forecast 2018 – 2028

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) is a therapeutic wound treatment technique that uses gauze or foam to promote wound healing in the soft tissues of severe fractures. A typical NPWT device comprises pumps, canisters, connecting tubes, and dressing kits (including NPWT suction pads). An NPWT dressing kit consists of foam dressings, generally made of up polyurethane, a negative pressure generating unit, and an encapsulated bridge with integrated suction pads or NPWT suction pads, which delivers negative pressure to the wound. Technological advancements and investments to improve equipment by leading manufacturers are helping the NPWT suction pads market immensely. Rising healthcare expenditure and increase in the NPWT manufacturers will trigger the growth and expansion of the NPWT suction pads market across the globe. In addition, reduced hospital stays will also boost the adoption of disposable NPWT devices, including NPWT suction pads, in the near future. On a global level, the homecare settings segment is expected to dominate the NPWT suction pads market, followed by the hospitals segment. The NPWT suction pads market is also likely to grow due to the significant rise in the ageing population, coupled with an increase in chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes, which ultimately triggers the development of skin ulcers. Such epidemiological incidences are expected to drive the NPWT suction pads market during the forecast period.

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High incidences of chronic wounds will also be boosting the NPWT suction pads market in the future. In addition, acute wounds arising from trauma, cuts, or burns, and also through surgical procedures will contribute to the high usage of NPWT dressing kits (including NPWT suction pads). However, in less developed countries, low adoption of technologically advanced wound care products is anticipated to impede the growth of the NPWT suction pads market. Moreover, healthcare providers and physicians from Europe and Asia are reluctant in adopting advanced wound care products (including NPWT suction pads) as compared to their U.S. counterparts. Non-patient centric healthcare reimbursement policies in some underdeveloped nations will also hamper the growth of the NPWT suction pads market. However, as most advanced wound care products are aggressively priced, both, private and public issuers are revising their reimbursement policies, which will directly drive the growth of the NPWT suction pads market.

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The global NPWT suction pads market is segmented on basis of dressing kit, application, end user, and geographic region.

Segmentation by Dressing Kit:

  • Foam Dressing Kits
  • Gauze Dressing Kits

Segmentation by Application:

  • Chronic Wounds
    • Venous Leg Ulcers
    • Diabetic Foot Ulcers
    • Pressure Ulcers
  • Acute Wounds
    • Traumatic Wounds
    • Burn Cases
    • Surgical Procedures

Segmentation by End User:

  • Hospitals
  • Home Care Settings
  • Geriatric Healthcare Centers

Segmentation by Geography:

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Middle East & Africa

The increase in healthcare investments around the world, especially in emerging nations, is poised to shape up the NPWT suction pads market. As an example, to deliver advanced wound care management, they are gradually inculcating latest wound care devices, including associated accessories such as NPWT suction pads. Further, the introduction of new and improved versions of NPWT suction pads has helped deliver cost-effective and efficient wound care to the patients, and has also helped physicians deal and manage wound exudate problems. The market for NPWT suction pads is majorly driven by factors like improved and technologically advanced new suction pads to effectively deliver negative pressure to wounds.

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The global NPWT suction pads market is predicted to grow at a significant CAGR over the forecast period, i.e. 2018-2028. The increase in geriatric population and rise in wound or burn patients will be the key factors driving the usage of NPWT suction pads. It is anticipated that, North America will account for the largest market share of NPWT suction pads across the globe. The region is likely to continue to dominate the NPWT suction pads market over the forecast period, thanks to both, favorable healthcare reimbursement policies and implication of innovative healthcare technologies in advanced wound care management. On the other hand, Asia Pacific’s NPWT suction pads market is anticipated to have the second-highest market share across the globe, thanks to the presence of emerging countries such as India and China, which are poised to grow with a healthy GDP during the forecast years. Similarly, other developing nations from Latin America and MEA are also catching up in providing better healthcare services to their citizens, which is anticipated to fuel the growth of the NPWT suction pads market. In addition, top manufacturers of NPWT dressing kits, which includes NPWT suction pads, are investing heavily in these regions. Such moves will help NPWT suction pads to undergo better penetration in hospitals and geriatric healthcare centers, as well as in home healthcare.

Some of the key players involved in the global NPWT suction pads market are ,

  • Cardinal Health
  • Haromed Bvba
  • Acelity
  • Medela AG
  • J. Schmalz GmbH
  • Bemis Manufacturing
  • Dynarex
  • Precision Medical
  • Haromed Bvba
  • Carilex Medical

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