Revenue from the Sales of Hydrogen Breath Test Analyzer Market to Surge Exponentially Owing To High Demand During COVID-19 Lockdown

Preference for breath tests over other conventional medical tests is increasing, which has been attributed to the cost benefit, relatively higher safety, and non-invasive nature.

Increasing prevalence of lactose or carbohydrate intolerance among population is further boosting the growth of the Hydrogen Breath Test Analyzer market. Almost 50-70 million people suffer from lactose intolerance in America alone. Presence of a large patient pool is expected to drive the growth of the Hydrogen Breath Test Analyzer market during the forecast period.

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  • QuinTron Instrument Company, Inc.
  • MD Diagnostics Ltd
  • FAN GmbH
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According to a new report of Persistence Market Research, the Portable Hydrogen Breath Test Analyzer Segment accounted for over 52% revenue share in the global Hydrogen Breath Test Analyzer market in 2017. Handheld Hydrogen Breath Analyzers that measure the exhaled breath are also gaining ground as they are more compact, easy to use, patient friendly, and superior in quality.

Moreover, the shift from invasive to non-invasive diagnosis is increasing the popularity of Hydrogen Breath Test Analyzers in the market, which will further increase the growth of the other segments in near future.

Evolving technological preferences and improvements in Hydrogen Breath Test Analyzers in recent years have resulted in reduced hospital visits, which is a primary factor predicted to contribute to the growth of the global Hydrogen Breath Test Analyzers market.

With increasing adoption of Hydrogen Breath Test Analyzers in the market, manufacturers have started developing collection kits and compact sized devices, which are more economical. These kits are disposable and allow for a proper breath sample to be collected and further analyzed using hydrogen breath testing devices.

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Patients have to collect samples individually, which does not require much expertise and can mail their breath samples back to the office or laboratory for analysis. These pocket-sized Hydrogen Breath Test Analyzers do not require invasion of a needle into the body and enable a reliable direct measurement at bedside.

Hydrogen Breath Test Analyzers are being adopted among end users as they help in avoiding multiple re-visits to hospitals, which has further resulted in strong market penetration of hydrogen breath analyzers over the years.

The Hydrogen Breath Test Analyzer market is consolidated in nature, with three players accounting for majority of the global revenue. However, distributors in the Hydrogen Breath Test Analyzer market are spread across the world. Hydrogen Breath Test Analyzer companies operating in the market are focusing on launching of better and advanced products to further increase sensitivity and avoid false positive tests during diagnosis of diseases.

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Hydrogen Breath Test Analyzer companies are significantly collaborating and acquiring other key players in the industry and funding programs and presence of reimbursement agencies will further aid the growth of the market. Bedfont and Laborie have signed agreements to expand their line of gastroenterology products, which includes Hydrogen Breath Test Analyzers.

Significant collaboration efforts among key players in the medical device industry and presence of various reimbursement agencies will further aid the growth of the market during the forecast period. Hydrogen Breath Test Analyzers help save time, which is an important factor positively affecting their uptake.

Also, these devices are attached to a computer-based software, which transfers the result to the database, thereby making the whole process accurate and easy.

However, the lack of uniformity regarding the interpretation of various Hydrogen breath tests will continue to pose a negative impact on rapid adoption of hydrogen breath test analyzer throughout the forecast period, according to PMR’s analysis.

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