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Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on In Chassis Cooling Market Structure and Its Segmentation – Lake Shore Gazette

Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on In Chassis Cooling Market Structure and Its Segmentation

In- Chassis Cooling is necessary for the ejection of excessive heat produced by computer peripherals namely CPU (Computer Processing Unit), GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) & Hard disk since heat produced may result in decreased stability & performance of laptop & desktop which in turn leads to reduction in overall efficiency of the system. Adequate cooling of system’s integral components improves the overall stability of the system and may also caters to extend the life of the system. In- Chassis cooling system employs several components namely fan tray, temperature sensor, control software and logic, bezels, air filter & others. Each component serves their individual purpose to meet the cooling demands of the system, failing of one would lead to the failure of the complete systems. For instance, fan tray is utilized to maintain the speed of rotation and temperature sensors are necessary to monitor change in temperature primarily to ensure efficient working of the cooling system.

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In-Chassis Cooling Market: Segmentation

Global In-Chassis Cooling market can be segmented on the basis of technology and application. Based on the technology, global In-Chassis Cooling market can be segmented into Airflow Through (AFT) cooling, spray cooling and Liquid Flow Through (LFT) cooling. By application global In-Chassis Cooling market can be segmented into Electronic, automotive and aerospace & military.

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In-Chassis Cooling Market: Dynamics

Modification in data center standards such as certifications for warm liquid cooling has led to increased adoption of In-chassis cooling systems by major system integrator.

Manufacturers are more focused towards addressing evolving needs for various business. For instance, over 20% of the company’s data center business team is involved in tracking such trends in data center energy savings and interfacing with end users for direct feedback regarding the needs and requirements of the industry.

Increase in the number of companies outsourcing small data centers to cloud providers thereby reducing the need for power and cooling. Further, growing adoption of virtualization and improvements in server technology lead to an increased computer performance per watt, which then requires less power and cooling backup. Development in liquid cooling chassis technology such as using dielectric liquid as a coolant other than water is one of the major trend identified across the market.

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In-Chassis Cooling Market: Region-wise Outlook

Global In-Chassis Cooling market is divided into five key regions namely Latin America, North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe and Middle-East & Africa.

In-Chassis Cooling Market: Key Players

Some of the major players identified across global In Chassis cooling market includes

  • Asetek, Iceotope,
  • Spraycool,
  • Parker Hannifin Corp.,
  • Lytron Inc,
  • Cisco,
  • Cooler Master technology Inc.,
  • SilverStone Technology Co. Ltd.

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