Global Bispecific Antibody Therapeutics Market Revenue to Record Robust Growth in the Years After the End of COVID-19 Crisis and Forecast 2017 – 2025

Bispecific antibodies are recognized as artificial protein where two or more antigen recognizing elements are combined together to form a single construct. Bispecific antibodies are able to bind into two or more targets at a time. Moreover, these antibodies might bridge two targets together and able to present a high chance of gaining therapeutic effects (bring cancer cell within striking distance). The various formats of bispecific antibodies include quadromas, chemical heteroconjugates, bispecific antibodies with special heterodimerization domains and bispecific antibodies of minimal size. Bispecific antibodies are primarily utilized for the treatment of cancer and are emerging as a novel technology for dual targeting strategies within one molecule for cancer treatment. Bispecific antibodies improve and ensure following factors in a cancer targeting agent: increase binding ability, improve selectivity and efficacy. It has observed that bispecific antibodies provide improved efficacy in cancer treatment as compared with combination therapy offered by other two antibodies. Recombinant DNA technology is identified as the backbone of rapid expansion of bispecific antibody formats.

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Bispecific antibodies are evolving a most preferred and efficient method of treatment for various cancers such as breast, lung, prostate and colon cancer.  With the rising prevalence of different types of cancer (lung cancer, breast cancer and cervical cancer) the global market for bispecific antibody therapeutics is significantly increasing. The World Health Organization (WHO) published in 2014, that worldwide 8.2 million people died of cancer in 2012. Likewise, American Cancer Society (ACS) published that, around 300,000 men and 276,000 women died due to cancer in 2012 in the U.S. Moreover, it is observed that most U.S. men have received a diagnosis test for prostate cancer at some point in their lives stated by California Journal of Clinical Cancer (CJCC). However, technical complexity associated with the treatment procedure (detection) of bispecific antibodies would hinder the global market demand of bispecific antibody therapeutics during the study period.

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North America and Europe were observed to be the largest bispecific antibody therapeutics market due to major market players are based in these regions. Moreover, it has observed that the highest numbers of cancer diagnosis cases are recorded from North America and Europe every year. In addition, favorable initiative taken by the federal government also accounted for the market growth of bispecific antibody therapeutics in North American and European regions. Similarly, Asia-Pacific is considered as an untapped market in bispecific antibody therapeutics due to lack of proper healthcare facilities in some Asian countries. Asian market growth will be fuelled by the presence of untapped opportunities due to extensive increase in the healthcare infrastructure (healthcare cost, healthcare facility and health care budget). Similarly, Asia-Pacific is considered as an emerging market in bispecific antibody therapeutics due to growing market penetration in this region. The rest of the world (RoW) holds fourth position in the global bispecific antibody therapeutics market due to poor economic and health condition in most of the African countries.  It has also observed that bispecific antibody therapeutics market growth in RoW region will be fuelled primarily by extensive increase in healthcare infrastructure in Brazil and Mexico.

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Major players operating in the bispecific antibody therapeutics market includes ,

  • AbbVie
  • Celgene
  • Ganymed Pharmaceuticals
  • Janssen Biotech
  • OncoMed Pharmaceuticals
  • Paktis Antibody Services GmbH
  • Fabion Pharmaceuticals 

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