Sales of Dextrose Anhydrous to Accelerate from Key End-use Industries Buoyed By High Demand During COVID-19 Pandemic

Dextrose Anhydrous is a form of glucose made from starch of corn. Just like sugar, it is sweet in nature but contain around 20% less sweetness as compared to sugar made from sugarcane. Dextrose Anhydrous does not contain any water, produced in crystalline or powder form. Dextrose, like fructose and glucose, is a monosaccharide also known as simple sugar. Simple sugars can be combined to produce complex sugars such as sucrose. Human body metabolizes each unit of simple sugar whereas complex sugars are not easily metabolized by body. Dextrose Anhydrous is widely used as a nutrition supplement and a sweetener in food production. Apart from food, it is also used in beverage, animal feed, pharmaceutical and various other industries. Most commonly, Dextrose Anhydrous is used as a nutritional supplement in infant formula to improve nutrition value and as a sweetener it is used in confectionery to provide taste & in bakery to boost yeast growth and improve appearance. Also, it is used as Buffering agent veterinary medicine and nutrition supplement in Agriculture/Animal Feed. There are various other applications of Dextrose Anhydrous such as used as antioxidant and fermentation substrate in production of various vitamins, amino acids and other organic products, in manufacturing of various organic substance to provide energy and as an antioxidant in Leather processing. Dextrose Anhydrous market witnessed a boon in demand because of its vast application and features. Since it is produced from Corn, it is organic and thus does not possess any harmful effect to body. Due to a long shelf life and sweet in taste, Dextrose Anhydrous demand is increasing globally. It usually produced in crystalline form which is easy to use, store and transport. Dextrose Anhydrous market is expected to witness an escalating demand among the consumers and industries because of its vast applications.

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Dextrose Anhydrous: Market Dynamics

Dextrose Anhydrous market is mainly driven by the increasing food market. It is used in a vast variety of foods. Many food producers started using Dextrose Anhydrous instead of table sugar because of its better effects on human body. Manufacturers widely use Dextrose Anhydrous in food products and also used by athletes to replenish the muscle glycogen levels. Dextrose Anhydrous will witness a rise in the demand because of its use in medicines. Its demand is increasing because of vast benefits including can be used for making glucose injection, sodium chloride compound, lactic acid, sodium glucose injection, drug, etc. Another factor that fuels up the growth of the Dextrose Anhydrous market is that the affordable price because of cheap production cost. Most of the companies are located in U.S. and APEJ countries which are exporting Dextrose Anhydrous to all the regions. Hence, Dextrose Anhydrous market is expected to grow during the forecast period due to its versatile benefits.

However, Dextrose Anhydrous comes along with a number of restraints. Dextrose Anhydrous might lead to increase in thirst, swelling of arms, face, and legs, upset stomach, general fatigue, running short of breath, nausea, frequent urination, vomiting and skin dryness. Dextrose Anhydrous can also cause Hyperglycemia, increases body fat, and Hypoglycemia.

Dextrose Anhydrous: Market Segmentation

Dextrose Anhydrous market can be segmented on the basis of form, which include:

  • Crystalline
  • Powder
  • Liquid and Syrup

Dextrose Anhydrous market can be segmented on the basis of types of application, which include:

  • Food
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Beverage
  • Animal feed and pet food
  • Chemical processes
  • Fermentation

Dextrose Anhydrous: Segment Outlook

Dextrose Anhydrous market can be segmented on the basis of form which include crystalline, powder and liquid & syrup. Most common form of Dextrose Anhydrous is powder which is used in all the applications. Dextrose Anhydrous market can also be segmented on the basis of application which includes food, pharmaceutical, beverage, animal feed and pet food, chemical processes and fermentation.

Dextrose Anhydrous: Regional Outlook

Regional coverage for Dextrose Anhydrous market includes North America, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Asia Pacific Excluding Japan (APEJ), Middle East and Africa (MEA) and Japan. Dextrose Anhydrous market will witnesses a high demand in APEJ because of the high investments in the region and its large population. Market in India and China is still at growth stage which will fuel the market for next ten years in the region.

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Dextrose Anhydrous: Market Players  

The market players in Dextrose Anhydrous market are Cargill, Fisher Scientific, BANGYE Inc., Rouqette, Sigma Aldrich, Orion Infusion Ltd., Foodchem, Demo S.A. and many more.

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