Fermented plant extracts Market to Witness Stellar Growth Rate in the Next 10 Years

Market Introduction:

Fermented plant extracts are products containing fermented fruits, flowers, vegetables and wholefoods. They are rich in nutrient content, comprising of essential vitamins and amino acids. Fermented plant extract is like a readymade compost manure. Most importantly, it is hundred percent organic and is a better option than chemical fertilizers which can be toxic to the plants. Also, many a times in compost manure plants are unable to utilize the nutrients, which can be taken up from liquid fermented plant extracts. The fermented plant extracts market has strong growth in health and personal care market because consumers are exploring its benefits and fermented plant extract product as a novel product. The fermented plant extract market is likely to compete with the chemical based products market as the product is adjunct with herbal and fermentation tags and will also attract consumers preferring organic products.

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Fermented plant extracts Market: Segmentation

The fermented plant extracts can be segmented as product type, product form, applications and distribution channels.

On the basis of type of product, the fermented plant extracts market can be segmented as-

  • Cosmetics
  • Fertilizers
  • Dietary Supplements

On the basis of form of product, the fermented plant extracts market can be segmented as-

  • Creams
  • Liquids
  • Capsules

On the basis of applications, the fermented plant extracts market can be segmented as-

  • Agriculture
  • Cosmetics and Personal care
  • Pharmaceutical industry

On the basis of distribution channels, the fermented plant extracts market can be segmented as-

  • Direct sales
  • Indirect sales
    • Pharmacy stores
    • Specialty stores
    • Retailers
    • Other retailers

Fermented plant extracts Market: Drivers, Restraints, and Trends

Fermented plant extracts market has a huge growth over the next years. As the consumers are switching to a healthier lifestyle, natural and organic products play an important role. Fermented plant extract market has eased the problems of consumers in terms of usage of solid compost manure, and offering a more nutritious and effective solution to the farmers. As, fermented plant extracts production is not very costly, and consumer are also ready to buy these products due to their added benefits for plants and animals, the fermented plant extract market is expected to grow fast. Also, it has been reported that the productivity of crops increased after and the usage of fermented plant extracts and this is further encouraging the growth of fermented plant extracts market. The research in fermented herbal plant extracts and its use as an insecticide and in pest control and management is also moderately strong driver in the growth of the fermented plant extract market.

Fermented plant extracts Market: Regional Outlook

Fermented plant extracts market is growing fast in regions were agriculture is the main occupation and the farmers unable to afford the chemical fertilizers. The market sees growth in regions like India, Africa and the U.S. Japan is the fastest growing region in terms of fermented plant extracts market as Japan is constantly on the research to get better fermented plant products. Japan is also one of the biggest manufacturers of fermented plant extracts already. Japan also exports fermented plant extracts to India and Middle East. The North American and the Latin American region who is focused on botanical research is expected to give a steady boost to the growth of the fermented plant extract market. The European market is already in the growth phase in the fermented plant extract market, given the consumer preference for innovation and organic products and government also encouraging the growth of organic technology in this region.

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Fermented plant extracts Market: Key Players

  • Botanica
  • Fermented Skincare
  • Phytolift
  • Dongyang Lianfeng Biological technology co.,Ltd.
  • Swanson
  • Rochway
  • Essential Baits
  • The Beauty Chef Creams And Cleansers
  • Bee Alive essentials
  • The Body Ecology Diet
  • OLE-Pro™
  • BRAD BIOPHOTONIC skin care.

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