Global Interferon Beta Drugs Market to Generate Profitable Opportunities for Manufacturers During the Forecast Period 2018 – 2028

The impact of COVID-19 pandemic can be felt across the Healthcare Industry The growing inability in the production and manufacturing processes, in the light of the self-quarantined workforce has caused a major disruption in the supply chain across the sector. Restrictions encouraged by this pandemic are obstructing the production of essentials such as life-saving drugs.

The nature of operation in Pharmaceuticals  plants that cannot be easily stopped and started, makes the operational restrictions in these plants a serious concern for the industry leaders. Restricted and delayed shipments from China have created a price hike in the raw materials, affecting the core of the Healthcare Industry

The slacking demand from different impacted industries such as automotive is negatively influencing the growth of the Healthcare Industry. In light of the current crisis, the market leaders are focused to become self-reliant which is expected to benefit the economic growth of different economies in the longer term. Companies are triggering events to restructure and recover from the losses incurred during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Interferon beta drugs are used for the treatment of multiple sclerosis . Multiple sclerosis is a disease of central nervous system which includes brain and the spinal cord . In multiple sclerosis , there is an occurrence of communication problem between brain and rest of  the body. The symptoms of multiple sclerosis include numbness , weakness , prolonged double vision , dizziness , tremor. Interferons are produced naturally by our body . These symptoms of multiple sclerosis depends on which nerves are damaged and the amount  of nerve damaged .  There are three forms of interferons – alpha interferons , beta interferons and gamma interferons . These interferons control the activity of our immune system . Smoking can increase the risk of multiple sclerosis . The chances of multiple sclerosis in females are  more than in males .

Interferon beta drugs are the man made forms of these naturally produced beta interferons which are used in the treatment of multiple sclerosis . Interferon beta drugs improve the situation of the disease and stabilize the course of disease . Interferon beta drugs slow down the occurrence of symptoms and allow the patients to have less physical disability over time. Interferon beta drugs can be given subcutaneously , intravenously or by intramuscular injections . New unopened vials and unopened syringes are used for the administration of interferons beta drugs to avoid the risks of infections .Prefilled syringes and  automatic injection pens should be avoided for the administration of interferon beta drugs market .

Growing prevalence of multiple sclerosis is the primary factor fueling the growth of interferon beta drugs market over the globe. The interferon beta drugs can slow down the worsening of disease and also decrease the symptoms. The interferon beta drugs can also be used in the combination therapies for the treatment of multiple sclerosis which is expected to increase the growth of interferon beta drugs market . However, the side effects of interferon beta drugs such as fatigue ,chills ,sweatning , muscle aches and fever is restraining the interferon beta drugs market growth. Redness , swelling , pain are the other side effects which can be seen in the first week of the treatment and are expected to restrain the growth of interferon beta drugs market . Interferon beta drugs can sometimes cause depression which limits the growth of interferon beta drugs market . Other factors such as over dosage of interferon beta drugs can cause serious problems such as trouble in breathing which can be life threatning can restrain the interferon beta drugs market .

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The global interferon beta drugs  market is segmented on basis of drug type, source of administration , end user and geographic region:

  • Segmentation by Drug Type
    • Avonex
    • Betaseron
    • Extavia
    • Plegridy
    • Rebif
  • Segmentation by source of administration
    • Intravenous
    • Subcutaneous
    • Intramuscular
  • Segmentation by End User
    • Hospitals Pharmacies
    • Retail Pharmacies
    • Drug Stores
    • Online Pharmacies

On the basis of drug type, interferon beta drugs are segmented into five classes that is Avonex , Betaseron , Extavia , Plegridy and Rebif . Plegrity is the type of interferon beta drug which is used less often  than other types of interferon beta drugs . The interferon beta drugs can be administered in the body intravenously, subcutaneously or intramuscular injections .Interferon beta drugs for intramuscular injections come in the form of powder.

The powder form needs to be mixed with the solution which is then injected intramuscularly. Based on the end users, interferon beta drugs can be get through hospital pharmacies, retail pharmacies, drug stores and online pharmacies.

Based on geography, global interferon beta drugs market is segmented into six key regions viz. North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific Excluding China, China and Middle East & Africa. North America, specifically U.S. registered for the largest revenue shares in global interferon beta drugs  market because of the advanced treatment procedures followed by Europe and Asia-Pacific. In Europe, the prevelance of multiple sclerosis is high. Asia Pacific is also expected to show a large interferon beta drugs market share.

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Some of the key players involved in global interferon beta drugs market are ,

  • Rewine Pharmaceutical 
  • Biogen 
  • Apple Pharmaceuticals 
  • Mili Healthcare 
  • A S Biotech 
  • Novartis AG 
  • Pfizer Inc 
  • Hoffmann- La Roche Ltd  

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