Growing Demand for Vitronectin Products Market to Significantly Increase Revenues Through 2028

Vitronectin is a glycoprotein which is found in serum, bones and extracellular matrix. Vitronectin is synthesized in the liver. Vitronectin products are manufactured, which play an important role in cell culture. Vitronectin products are involved in cell adhesion, cell proliferation and also cell differentiation. Vitronectin products provide support to the cells, which help them to adhere to the surface. So, Vitronectin products are basically used to promote cell attachment. They also prevent the membrane damaging effects and also play an important role to study tumor malignancy. In humans, vitronectin is encoded by VTN gene, which is a member of the pexin family.

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Vitronectin products are used to coat the cell culture vessels, for the promotion of cell attachment.

The manufacturing life science companies of vitronectin products are trying to increase the distribution of the product to various geographies. In 2018, Biological Industries, USA signed an agreement with Primorigen Biosciences for the distribution of vitronectin products.

Vitronectin products are used in various cell culture applications, which include, stem cell research, Cell therapy development, drug discovery etc.

Increasing research and developmental activities, is one the main factor, driving the growth of vitronectin products market. Government funding for research and developmental areas can also contribute to the growth of vitronectin products market. The increasing number of hospitals, biotechnology companies, diagnostic laboratories, pharmaceutical industries, are expected to increase the growth of vitronectin products market. Increasing demand for organ transplantation and tissue engineering is expected to increase the overall growth of vitronectin products market. Many other factors such as government support for the cell culture research, increasing healthcare awareness, increasing oncology research etc, can boost the vitronectin products market. Vitronectin products are easily available and hence can play an important role in increasing the growth of the overall market.

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The process of cell culture research requires a lot of care and maintenance, which can hinder the growth of vitronectin products market.

The global Vitronectin Products market is segmented on basis of application, end user and geographic region:

  • Segmentation by Application
  • Stem Cell Research
  • Tissue Engineering
  • Drug Discovery
  • Others
  • Segmentation by End User
  • Diagnostic Laboratories
  • Research and developmental laboratories
  • Academic research institutes

Based on the applications, the vitronectin products has been divided into stem cell research, tissue engineering, drug discovery, and other applications. Tissue engineering is expected to hold a large revenue share in the vitronectin products market and the demand for organ transplantation is increasing. Also, the scope of oncology research is increasing, which is expected to increase the overall market share of tissue engineering segment.

Based on the end user, the vitronectin products market has been segmented into diagnostic laboratories, research and development laboratories, and academic research institutes. Research and developmental laboratories are expected to hold the maximum revenue share in the vitronectin products market due to increasing research studies and activities. Also, there are many government organizations, which are promoting research activities by increasing their funding.

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Based on geography, the global Vitronectin Products market has been divided into a few key regions such as North America, Latin America, Europe, South Asia, East Asia, Oceania, and Middle East & Africa. North America, specifically, U.S. is expected to register large revenue shares in global Vitronectin Products market because of the presence of a large number of research and developmental activities and the presence of a large number of hospitals. Europe is expected to hold the second largest market share because of the increasing population. The Asia Pacific can also show a large revenue share in the Vitronectin Products market because of the increasing healthcare awareness and increasing research and developmental activities.

There are many companies manufacturing Vitronectin Products. Some of the big pharmaceutical companies involved in the manufacture of Vitronectin Products are STEMCELL Technologies Inc., R&D Systems, Merck KGaA, Trevigen Inc., Thermo Fisher Scientfic Inc., Promega Corporation., Haematologic Technologies, Inc., Nacalai USA, Inc., Corning Incorporated, Primorigen Biosciences Inc. and many other companies.

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