Molecular Sieves Market Evolving Latest Trends To Lead Global Industry By 2022

Molecular sieves are the material with small pores of uniform size. Diameter of molecular sieves measured in angstrom or nanometers (nm). Molecular sieves can be micro porous (2nm), macro porous (50< nm) and mesoporous (2 nm- 50 nm). Molecular Sieves are crystalline alumino- silicates known as Zeolites. Molecular sieves crystals characterized by three-dimensional pore systems along with same crystals identified together.

The basic Molecular sieves types A and X are commercially used absorbents. Molecular sieves are used as absorbents for fluids (gas and liquids). Molecular sieve absorbents have ability to separate fluids on the basis of molecular size and polarity. In case of hydrocarbon parafines, straight molecules fit into pores and get adsorbed. The branched molecules can’t fit into pores and pass through sieve bed. Molecular sieves play important role in unit processes such as dehydration, purification and unit operations like drying, adsorption. Catalysis is application field of molecular sieves. Molecular sieves are used in petroleum catalytic cracking.

Environmentally friendly behavior of molecular sieves across their lifecycle has promoted them as a Ssubstitute for hazardous chemicals throughout various industrial application, so the demand for molecular sieves will be increasing during forecast period. Regulatory stringent laws for waste water treatment chemicals will drive molecular sieves market. Government agencies through the world are making strict regulations for municipal as well as industrial effluents over environmental issues such as dead areas in water body and ground water toxicity.

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Molecular Sieves smoothly trap nuclear ions from effluent. Due to these factors nuclear industry is anticipated to boost Molecular sieves market. Additionally, molecular sieves are used in detergents. So detergent industry is expected to drive molecular sieves market especially in developing countries.  Molecular Sieves are used as substitute for phosphate and these phosphates are banned in developed countries.

Government agencies and awareness among the people supported the demand for Molecular Sieves. It is also used as catalysts in petroleum and petrochemical industries. Aluminum Chloride and Phosphochloric Acid were used as catalyst in these industries. But Aluminum Chloride and Phosphochloric Acid are not easily disposable. So Molecular sieves are being substituted traditional catalysts in petroleum and petrochemical Industries. Therefore, huge demand is expected for molecular sieves from these industries.

  • Molecular Sieves Market Segmentation on the basis of type
    • Type 3A
    • Type 4A
    • Type 5A
    • Type 13X
    • Type Y
    • Pentacil
    • Mordenite
  • Molecular Sieves Market Segmentation on the basis of application
    • Catalyst
    • Adsorbent
    • Desiccants
  • Molecular Sieves Market Segmentation on the basis of end-user
    • Manufacturing Industry
      • Chemical/ Petrochemical Industry
      • Detergent Industry
      • Hydrogen Gas Production
      • Petroleum Industry
      • Natural Gas Processing
    • Waste Water treatment/ Effluent Treatment
    • System Protection Devices
      • Refrigerant
      • Pneumatic Tools
      • Truck and Rail road air break driers
    • Chemical Storage
    • Industrial Gases

The global Molecular sieves market has been divided into seven key geographical regions which includes, North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, Japan, and Middle East & Africa. Asia Pacific will be the major market for Molecular Sieves market. Increasing demand in surfactants and major role of molecular sieves in nuclear industries to remove nuclear waste will boost the molecular sieves in Asia Pacific region. China, India will be major consumers of molecular sieves.   Demand in these region dominated by consumption in surfactant industry.

Asia Pacific is followed by North America and Eastern Europe. Developing countries in these region will dominate the molecular sieves market due to increasing consumption of molecular sieves in detergents Industry.  Middle East and Africa will be emerging market for molecular sieves. Demand in this region is dominated by Petrochemical and Petroleum Industries. There will be increasing demand for molecular sieves in Latin America and Western Europe.

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Some of the key players identified in the Molecular Sieves market are

  • Arkema,
  • BASF SE,
  • Honeywell International Inc.,
  • Tosoh Corporation,
  • Bear River Zeolite Company,
  • Blue Pacific Mineral Limited,
  • ZEOX Corp, W.R.
  • Grace

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