Hyaluramine S Market Estimate To Boost Growth In Demand By : Global

Global Hyaluramine-S Market: Overview

Hyaluramine – S is regarded as an active precursor of hyaluronic acid which exhibit excellent moisturising action. Hyaluramine – S is formed from the hyaluramine which is a hydrophilic and liphilic in nature. 20% solution of active hyaluramine is known as hyaluramine – S. The parent chemical of hyaluramine – S is known to be hydrolyzed glycosaminoglycans. Hyaluramine – S is a stable compound without use of any preservatives. It can easily penetrate deep into the skin surface and thereby, gives lasting moisturizing effect. This characteristic of hyaluramine – S is attributed to it low molecular weight and its easy solubility in water, alcohol – water as well as glycerol base. Thereby, it is extensively used in personal care products.

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Global Hyaluramine-S Market: Drivers and Restraints

Increasing demand for personal care products consumers is primarily driving the hyaluramine – S market. Hyaluramine – S helps in redistribution of free water and helps to bind the water to the dermis layer of the skin which helps to promote moisturizing action. It also helps to increase the content of mucopolysaccharides in the skin. Moreover, apart from deep conditioning and moisturising of the skin, it also has an anti-ageing effect on the skin. Hence is extensively used in the anti-wrinkles and anti-ageing creams. Thereby, propelling the market for hyaluramine – S market. Furthermore, due to its stabilised composition, it helps in slow release of active solution useful for the cutis, thereby giving synergetic effect and helps to reduce Trans epidermal water loss. Hyaluramine-S is said to be compatible with other compound used for skin care and is recommended to use along with filagrinol to give an enhancing moisturising effect. Therefore, its effective use in the personal care products is attributed to the significant growth of the market. Moreover, hyaluramine-S helps to delivers skin results that are effective as well as provides product innovation. Therefore, apart from cutaneous care products it is used in professional skin care products, as its liquid formulation in various cosmetic forms making it as a versatile formulation.  Furthermore, it is considered to be more stable and effective than hyaluramine from which is it derived. Hence, effective and adaptable properties of hyaluramine-S is contributing to the significant growth of the market.

However, increasing demand for natural and organic personal care products among the consumers, is expected to hinder the growth of hyaluramine-S market. Moroever, other compounds exhibit same properties as hyaluramine-S such as filagrinol may further restrain the market growth of hyaluramine-S.

Global Hyaluramine-S Market:  Segmentation 

On the basis of application, hyaluramine-S market is segmented into:-

  • Skin Care
    • Skin Cream
    • Lotions
    • Face tonics
  • Hair Care
    • Hair tonics

 Global Hyaluramine-S Market:  Region wise Outlook

The global hyaluramine-S market is categorised into seven regions, namely, Western Europe, Eastern Europe Middle East and Africa (MEA), Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ), Japan, Latin America and North America. Europe is expected to record significant growth in hyaluramine-S market. With increasing demand for skin and beauty care products among the consumers, the market for hyaluramine-S containing products is expected to spur during the forecast period. Japan is expected to record substantial growth during the forecast period. With increasing account of geriatric population, demand for anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle products are expected to increase, which will further accelerate the growth of hyaluramine-S market. North America accounts for noteworthy growth in hyaluramine-S market. As demand for innovative products along with versatile properties is increasing among g the consumers. Thereby, propelling the market of hyaluramine-S.

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Global Hyaluramine-S Market:  Key Players

Some of the prominent players identified in the global hyaluramine-S market includes: Vevy Europe S.p.A., Univar Inc., Arerko Chemical Industry And Trade Inc., Ziko Co., Ltd., among other players

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