Ultramarine Blue Market Future Demand Analysis with Forecast 2025

Global Ultramarine Blue Market: Overview

Ultramarine blue natural source was considered to be obtained from the costly mineral named lapis lazuli. Synthetically ultramarine blue is obtained from sodium alumino sulpho- silicates whereas the natural form is a complex of sodium calcium aluminium silicate sulphate.  Presence of sulphur-containing sodium-silicate complex makes the ultramarine blue one of the most complex mineral pigments. Ultramarine blue is considered to be a historical pigment of Egypt and is inorganic in nature. The synthetic form of ultramarine blue is formed by heating kaolin, sulphur, sodium carbonate and other ingredients.  Ultramarine blue is regarded to be heat resistant of up to 350 centigrade as well as alkali resistant. Ultramarine blue finds extensive uses in the manufacturing of rubber, inks, cosmetics, detergents, textiles among others.

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Global Ultramarine Blue Market: Drivers and Restraints

Ultramarine finds array of applications across various industries. Ultramarine is prominently used in textile industry to brighten the white clothes and to provide blue hue to the clothes. It is also used as brightening agent in the paints during white wash as it does not fade under the sunlight. Thereby, propelling the growth of ultramarine blue market. Owing to its mechanical properties, ultramarine blue is used in the manufacturing of master batch which is further used in the manufacturing of fibres, films, bottles among others. Being inorganic in nature and with good wettability property, ultramarine blue is used in different types of inks. Moreover, it is used in the surface costing owing to its reddish undertone which is highly appreciated in tint and mass tone applications. Apart from the aforementioned applications, it is also used in the paper industry for whitening of the cellulose pulp and cosmetics industry due to its bright appearance and non-irritability properties. Hence widespread assortment of application across different industries is driving the market for ultramarine blue market.

However, being synthetic in nature, its demand in cosmetic industry may get hinder owing to the increasing inclination for natural and organic personal care products among consumers. Thereby, affecting the growth restraining the growth of ultramarine blue market. Its extraction from the natural source is a cost intensive process, which may further restrain the growth of the market. Although their toxicity level is low, ultramarine blue is not permitted to be used in cosmetics products which may be ingested such as lipstick, lip glosses. Similarly, although it is been approved in food packaging but is use as edible colouring agent is prohibited. Thereby, affecting the growth of the ultramarine blur market.

Global Ultramarine Blue Market:  Segmentation 

On the basis of industry, ultramarine blue market is segmented into:-

  • Personal Care
  • Textile
  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Paper Industry
  • Others

On the basis of product type, ultramarine blue market is segmented into:-

  • Cobalt Blue Hue
  • Ultramarine Blue
  • French Ultramarine Blue

Global Ultramarine Blue Market:  Region wise Outlook

The global ultramarine blue market is categorised into seven regions, namely, Western Europe, Eastern Europe Middle East and Africa (MEA), Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ), Japan, Latin America and North America. With fast paced construction activity in North America and Asia, the demand for paints and coating application is mounting. Thereby, leading to spurring growth of the ultramarine blue market. Moreover, substantial growth of the textile industry, the demand for ultramarine blue is further expected to fuel over the period of time. Eastern Europe and MEA is expected to witness positive growth over the forecast period with significant development of pigment industry. This further supports the growth of ultramarine blue market.

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Global Ultramarine Blue Market:  Key Players

Some of the prominent players identified in the global ultramarine blue market includes: Ultramarines India (P) Ltd, Lansco Colors, Mad Oils, Inc., R.S.Pigments, Proquimac color, ASA Impex, Yipin Pigments, Inc., Nubiola, Altana

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