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When parents take an overwhelming number of decisions towards the care of their babies, selecting the right personal care products becomes pivotal. Considering this, a majority of baby personal care products are mandated to seek premarket approvals from notable administration bodies such as the US FDA. In addition, baby personal care product manufacturers continue to recalibrate their production techniques in a bid to ensure absence of ingredients that may potentially harm the health of babies. Packaging practices adopted by these companies are aimed at facilitating full product transparency through labels that elaborately reveal the contents of baby personal care products. In the near future, the global baby personal care market is likely to witness emergence of organic alternatives, which can lead to a decline in use of synthetic ingredients.

Considering their variety, baby personal care products are available across various product lines such as skin care, hair care, and toiletries. Production of baby personal care products involves an attentive selection of ingredients, wherein inclusion of benign constituent materials is prioritized.

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Skin Care Products Remain Highest-selling Product Type

Persistence Market Research projects that the global market for baby personal care products will expand at a robust pace during the forecast period, 2017-2022. The report has identified multiple factors influencing the dynamics of global baby personal care market, which has been inferred in the market size analysis offered. According to the report, global sales of baby personal care products are anticipated to rake over US$ 83 Bn in revenues towards the end of 2022.

Among the wide range of products offered under the umbrella of baby personal care, skin care products are expected to hold the leading position. In 2017, sales of skin care products across the globe are predicted to bring in over US$ 17.7 Bn in revenues. The demand for hair care products is also expected to gain traction, owing to increasing adoption of baby hair grooming as a daily routine among parents. The report also projects that oral care products and fragrances will be the least-selling baby personal care products in the global market.

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Online Retailers to Record Impressive Sales of Baby Personal Care Products

Furthermore, the report has analyzed key sales channels in the global baby personal care market. Through 2022, baby personal care product sales are expected to remain concentered to modern trade outlets across the globe. In 2017, sales of baby personal care products through modern trade outlets are likely to procure more than one-third of global revenues. Towards the end of 2022, online sales of baby personal care products are also expected to gain traction. Between 2017 and 2022, online retailers will create an incremental opportunity of nearly US$ 3.5 Bn in the global market for baby personal care products.

The report also observes higher traction for sales of mass baby care products as parents continue to opt for baby personal care products at affordable prices. Manufacturers of baby personal care products are also expected to shift their focus towards boosting the capacity for mass baby care products. Companies such as Kimberly-Clark Corporation, KAS Direct, LLC, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever Plc, Procter & Gamble Co., Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting Ltd., Avon Products, Inc., Burt’s Bees, Inc., Beiersdorf AG, Artsana S.p.A., and Loreal SA are observed to remain key players in the global baby personal care market throughout the forecast period.

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