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Area sensors are multi-beam, through-beam arrays of photo-eyes that are designed to detect the presence of specimen within the confines of the controllable height of sensor arrays. Area sensors are ideal for the detection of differently shaped and sized specimen at varied positions in a two-dimensional targeted area. The future is undoubtedly of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things, and this creates numerous opportunities for area sensor manufacturers to innovate. Furthermore, sensor technology with advanced features such as reliable functioning, precisely designed area sensors, and high sensitivity are key reasons bolstering demand across geographies.

As per the revised report by Persistence Market Research, the global area sensors market is expected to expand at steady, yet healthy CAGR of around 7% over the forecast period (2021-2031).

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Key Takeaways from Market Study

  • The South Asia & Pacific region is expected to create lucrative growth opportunities for players in the market, due to rise in industrial automation and changing manufacturing landscape in the region.
  • Growing trend of cost-effective area sensors along with technological advancements is creating new growth opportunities for manufacturers.
  • Key players in the market are focusing on acquisitions to complement their product portfolio, to cater to the needs of a variety of customers. Market participants are also focusing on providing products directly to end users to improve direct customer relations.
  • Application of area sensors is high in picking systems, object detection, and positioning & examination.
  • Most of the demand for area sensors comes from the food & beverage packaging and electronics industry.
  • The market in the U.S. is projected to expand at a CAGR of 5.5% through 2031, while that in Germany at around 6%.
  • Market growth in China, Japan, and India is expected to be much higher, at around 8%, 9%, and 11%, respectively.

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Impact of COVID-19 on Area Sensors Market

The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has disrupted many industries, including the area sensors space. The spread of COVID-19 has affected major market such as Europe, Asia, and North America, and partially the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. Several facilities have been affected due to the stoppage of construction and supply chain-related challenges.

During the corona pandemic, sensor production in China fell by up to 30%-40% as compared to normal volumes, but recovered as the infection curve fell, and volumes are now back to last year’s levels in both, the food & beverage packaging and automotive segments. According to estimates, demand for area sensors declined during Q3-Q4, 2020, and is now estimated to recover and return to its normal growth trajectory by Q2-Q3 of 2021.

Process Productivity Enhancement and Human Error Elimination Driving Market Growth

Picking systems use area sensors that enable confirmed picking of the right parts to mitigate picking errors and eliminate the marketing of defective objects. Area sensors enable picking system automation, which means that, the industrial worker is required to only observe the operation of the system. This kind of automation also eliminates the requirement of cross-checking the defects in the specimen, which increases the productivity of the overall industrial process.

Customized area sensors for industries such as automotive and electronic device manufacturing enable accuracy in assembling components on a jumbled production line. Overall, demand for area sensors in picking systems is expected to rise because these sensors enable simultaneous handling of different components, which improves process productivity and eliminates the assembly of incorrect components.

More Valuable Insights

A new market research report published by Persistence Market Research on the global area sensors market includes global industry analysis of 2016–2020 and opportunity assessment for 2021–2031. The report provides valuable insights on the basis of type (general purpose area sensors and cross-beam area sensors), sensing range (less than 1 meter,   1 meter – 3 meters, 3 meters – 5 meters, and more than 5 meters), application (object detection, picking systems, positioning and examination, personnel safety, equipment protection, and others), and industry (pharmaceuticals, food & beverage packaging, electronics & electricals, automotive, and others), across six major regions of the world.

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