Rising Vegan Population Opening New Growth Avenues for the Pea Protein Market

In this age and time, when individuals are emphasizing on plant protein and protein based products, a plethora of new different types of plant-based are readily available in the market. Rising vegan... Read more »

High Investment in R&D to Benefit Growth Opportunity in the Global F2- N2- Gas Mixture Market

New York – Based on the recent report released by Persistence Market Research on the global F2- N2- gas mixture market, the market seems highly consolidated. Leading players holding two-third share in... Read more »

The bodies of seven mountaineers found in the Indian Himalayas

The bodies of seven mountaineers missing in India on a summit of the Himalayas were discovered Sunday by a team of rescuers specialized in interventions in the high mountains, border police announced... Read more »

Support for Trans Mountain increases with age and income, poll suggests

Boris Johnson, favorite to succeed Theresa May at the head of the British government, threatens to refuse to pay the Brexit bill if he becomes Prime Minister, in order to obtain a... Read more »

FDA Approves New Libido-Boosting Drug for Women

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new treatment for women suffering from loss of sexual desire, which comes after the marketing of a well-known pill was allowed... Read more »

India: Villagers kill man-eating tiger

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Democratic candidate for governor of Georgia recognizes the defeat

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