Sales of Genomic Medicine Market to Record Exponential Growth During 2016 – 2026

The National Human Genome Research Institute defines genomic medicine as “an emerging medical discipline that involves using genomic information about an individual as part of their clinical care (e.g., for diagnostic or therapeutic decision-making) and... Read more »

Demand for Electronic Lab Notebook Market Driven by Shifting Consumer Perceptions and Growing Awareness

Electronic lab notebooks (ELN) is a computer programmed electronic device, which is capable of storing the data related to the lab experiments or researches. In addition, it enables the user to access... Read more »

Opportunity Assessment of Cardiac Surgery Devices Market Reveals Lucrative Prospects for Manufacturers

Cardiac surgery is performed by heart surgeons due to complications in the heart or heart diseases like correct congenital heart disease, valvular heart disease, ischemic heart disease. Typically, neurological damage is the... Read more »

Increasing Consumer Awareness to Fuel Adoption of Ortho And Osteobiologics Market

Ortho and Osteobiologics are substances which promote healing in bones and bone related disorders. They help in improving bones, treating fractures, tendons and ligaments. The only difference in orthobiologics and osteobiologics is,... Read more »

Pain Drug Delivery Market to Witness Heightened Revenue Growth in the Next Decade

Pain drug delivery system is an effective therapy for managing pain, whether it be a chronic nonmalignant pain, a cancer pain, or a spasticity. Medications usually circulate throughout the body in bloodstream,... Read more »

Sales Revenue in the Pathogen Identification Treatment Market to Register a Stellar CAGR During 2016 – 2021

The detection of pathogens is important to the prevention and identification of health problems and for a better lifestyle. The advent of new technologies has brought in new and promising approach such... Read more »

Rising Adoption of Drug Screening Market to Fuel Revenue Growth Through 2021

Drug screening is used to detect illegal and some prescribed drugs in the blood, urine, and other biological samples. It is also used to determine drug use and is an integral part... Read more »

Dermatology Diagnostic Device Market to Witness Rapid Increase in Consumption During 2015 – 2021

Skin is the largest and one of the most complex organs of the body. It is the body’s first protective shield against diseases, infection, dirt, and foreign objects. Skin also helps to... Read more »

Sales of Hyperspectral Imaging Market to Surge in the Coming Years Owing to Growing Adoption Across End-use Industries

Hyperspectral imaging is the process of collecting and processing of information across the electromagnetic spectrum. It is the combination of spectroscopy and digital imaging, implemented to create a spectral based contrast within... Read more »

Global Hospital Acquired Infection Control Market to Witness Rapid Growth in Demand During 2017 – 2025

According to a newly published report by Persistence Market Research titled “Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) Control Market: Global Industry Analysis (2012-2016) and Forecast (2017-2025),”sales of hospital acquired infections control equipment is expected to be valued... Read more »