High Pressure Pump Market to Expand with Significant CAGR During 2025

Introduction High pressure pumps are widely used in automobile, textile, food and chemical industry. Rapid growth in these industries is projected to upsurge the demand of high pressure pumps in the near... Read more »

Global Industrial Explosives Market will be Valued at US$ 14.6 Billion by 2024 end

Rising urbanization has catapulted the use of coal-fired power generation. Quarrying activities from all corners of the world are also resuming at a steady pace. Technological advancements are facilitating the resurgence of... Read more »

Demand for Peracetic Acid (PAA) Market from Major End-use Sectors to Increase in the Near Future

A study conducted by Persistence Market Research (PMR) on “Peracetic Acid (PAA) Market: Asia Pacific Industry Analysis and Forecast 2016–2024,” projects the APAC peracetic acid market to surpass 164 Million, expanding at over 8%... Read more »

Geocells Market Share to Exhibit Steady Growth in the Coming Decade

Persistence Market Research in its recent report titled, “Geocells Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast; 2016–2025”, projected global geocells market to exhibit CAGR of 8.8% during 2016 to 2025. Consumption of geocells is projected... Read more »

Global Diesel Gensets Market to Record Exponential Compound Annual Growth Rate in the Coming Years

Market Overview Diesel gensets supply electrical power to households and industries during power-cuts and power deficiency to prevent discontinuity in daily activities and business operations. Diesel gensets works on the principle of... Read more »

Moving Walks Market to Hold a High Potential for Growth by 2025

Moving Walks Market: Market Overview Moving walks are also known as moving walkaways or travelators. As the name indicates, moving walks are slow moving conveyor mechanisms, which transport people over a short... Read more »

Steering Columns System Market: Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast 2025

Global Steering Columns System Market: Overview The Steering Column System is a device which is mainly used to connect the whole mechanism and transfers the driver’s response rotation through the steering wheel.... Read more »

Global Ride On Power Trowel Market Revenue to Record Stable Growth Through 2025

Ride on Power Trowel Market: Overview Ride on Power Trowel is mainly used for trowelling concrete surface through finishing and floating operations. Ride on power trowel is used in warehouses, housing, industrial buildings,... Read more »

Pneumatic Valves And Accessories Market Study By Business Base Distribution And Competitive Dynamics 2025

Pneumatic Valves & Accessories: Overview The global valves & accessories market earns a foremost share in terms of revenues due to its applications in oil and gas industries. In the oil and... Read more »

Entrance Matting Market Research and Development, Future Outlook Analysis to 2025

Entrance Matting Market: Overview Entrance mats are mats which are laid inside or outside of the house and primarily used for the purpose of removing dirt from the footwear of the person... Read more »