The bodies of seven mountaineers found in the Indian Himalayas

The bodies of seven mountaineers missing in India on a summit of the Himalayas were discovered Sunday by a team of rescuers specialized in interventions in the high mountains, border police announced... Read more »

Kim Jong Un receives an “excellent” letter from Trump

President Donald Trump sent a letter to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un , who “said with satisfaction that it has excellent content,” a state news agency reported on Sunday. Nuclear talks... Read more »

Support for Trans Mountain increases with age and income, poll suggests

Boris Johnson, favorite to succeed Theresa May at the head of the British government, threatens to refuse to pay the Brexit bill if he becomes Prime Minister, in order to obtain a... Read more »

India: Villagers kill man-eating tiger

Villagers killed a tigress in a natural park in northern India, two days after the death of another feline, shot in controversial circumstances in the country, local authorities reported on Monday. The... Read more »

US officials confirm the return of sanctions against Iran

On Monday the United States will reinstate all the sanctions against Iran that were lifted in the wake of the 2015 agreement on Iran’s nuclear, the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo... Read more »

Trump denies asking soldiers to “shoot” at migrants

President Donald Trump moderated remarks he made Friday, saying he had not asked US soldiers to shoot at migrants on the Mexican border if they threw stones at them. “I did not... Read more »